If you are considering renovations or remodeling before listing your home for sale in Melbourne, VIC, your main point of concern is the return on your investment. While you may not get 100% of your renovation costs back, there are a few spaces in your house where sellers are seeing as much as a 66% return according to a survey of real estate professionals surveyed by Remodeling magazine. 

Closet Updates And Renovations

No one in the history of houses being built has ever complained about too much closet space. Maximizing closet space and updating is an art and science all its own and when it is done correctly, brings maximum bang for the buck. Here is where working with reputable professionals like HBK Constructions can maximize your ROI. The most beneficial closet updates are:

  • Shelving
  • Drawer Space
  • Built-Ins
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Organization
  • Etc…

If you can make a closet a walk-in closet, go for it. Built-ins are always appreciated and appeal to buyers in any living space.

Bathroom Updates And Renovations

The master bathroom is always an area where home buyers judge a home as appealing or not. Today many home buyers see the master bathroom as another room for relaxation and you will never hear complaints about a master bath having too much space. Focus on keeping your general. Opportunities for updating your bathrooms include:

  • Fixtures
  • Built-Ins
  • Walls
  • Vanities
  • Double Sinks
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Floors and Ceilings
  • Mirrors and Lighting
  • And more…

Be careful of the current trend to convert shower/tub combinations into strictly shower space. If you remove the only bathtub in the home, you have just removed a significant percentage of home buyers from your market.

Kitchen Updates And Renovations

Many home buyers judge the appeal of a home by the look and feel of the kitchen. Updated kitchens always excite buyers because it makes a new home to them an instant upgrade to what they currently have. Popular upgrades to kitchens focus on function, storage space, and utility. There are so many options to consider for kitchen renovations like:

  • Floor
  • Built-Ins
  • Appliances
  • Islands
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Larger Sink
  • Counter Tops
  • Lighting
  • The List Continues…

Everyone uses the kitchen so understandably it will be the area that gets the most attention from buyers. Therefore, updates here are very likely to get the most ROI. One walk through a big box hardware store and you can see that kitchen remodels are the top homeowner project being done today for many reasons. 

From what we have discussed you can see most of these projects are more update-focused instead of full-on conversions or remodels. This is because typically the more general and less expensive renovations and refinishing projects bring the most financial lift in the housing market.

The good news is if you are planning to sell your home soon, these renovations are not extensive in most cases. And, they can be accomplished in a short time.

Get consultations from reputable professional renovation experts like HBK Constructions. You will never regret working with professionals who do these kinds of projects week in and week out. Sure, you may be able to DIY some of these updates. But what typically happens for DIYers is their project takes more time, hassle, and money than they plan for, and the results reflect it. Do you need to contact the city and have permits pulled for your updates? The pros know.

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What Are The Most Common Renovations Before You Sell Your Home
What Are The Most Common Renovations Before You Sell Your Home