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Big & Small Bathroom Renovation in Melbourne at the Best Rates

Bathroom renovation Melbourne is something we can boast about since we are one of Melbourne’s finest and most unique bathroom renovations businesses. We can design and develop the ideal bathroom solution for your home, whether you’d like to boost the value of your home or want a larger bathroom

For our experienced bathroom builders of HBK Constructions in Melbourne, no project is too large or too small. We can even help you with a small bathroom renovation project in Melbourne. We’ve completed several bathroom renovation projects successfully, and we can do the very same for you too.

Bathroom Renovations & Bathroom Design For The Best Price

Bathroom renovations are one of our specialties, and we serve all of Melbourne’s suburbs.

We have some excellent ideas to give your bathroom an edge, whether it’s a large or small bathroom renovation in Melbourne. Call our bathroom builders and renovation specialists to come to your Melbourne home and provide you with a free estimate. We can fix your chosen materials or supply and install them if you want. Simply put, it’s up to you!

Bathroom renovations may be costly, time-consuming, and intimidating. And this is where we can help! With our company, you can design bathrooms, ensuite, luxury bathrooms and other rooms for the most affordable prices. We are a leading bathroom renovation companies in Melbourne and we are here to transform your home with our quality work and experience. Your house will be looking like new after our quality bathroom renovations service and also for the most affordable price.


Years combined experience

Completed Projects

Modern Bathroom Renovation in Melbourne

We are proud of all of our contemporary bathroom designs, which are the foundation for the remodeling projects’ success. There are no two alike. Unique designs to fit everyone’s taste are factors that have made us one of the finest modern bathroom renovations businesses. You dream bathroom is just a few stem away with our bathroom renovations business.

What Makes Our Bathroom Renovation Services Unique?

HBK Constructions team of experts is here to assist you. From the beginning to the end of the project, our team of designers and experienced craftsmen will help and guide you.

From top-mounted, in-set, or semi-recessed basins to cabinets, Tupperware, tile choices, paint colors, benchtops, and knobs, they’ll pay attention to every detail. We’re dedicated to getting you into your perfect bathroom as quickly and hassle-free as possible, as well as offering affordable bathroom renovations in Melbourne.

Years of Guarantee

After finishing a bathroom renovation, the last thing anyone wants is for the components to fall apart! There are many tradespeople out there that try to cut as many corners as possible to be paid. That is why we use only the best craftsmen and guarantee behind our work for years. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your bathroom renovation Melbourne budget. As a leading Melbourne bathroom renovations company, we are here to make your dream bathroom project come true, with a amazing and elegant bathroom experience. Our bathroom design team have been providing Melbourne homeowners with dream bathroom solutions for many years and we can help you too!

Minimal Disruption

We schedule working and meeting times that are convenient for you. We put up shopping lists and suggest the best locations to shop for them. After the project is completed, the site is cleaned, the trash is removed, and the bathroom is given to you, together with any certifications, warranties, and documentation.

We are not only specialised in bathroom renovations, but also in kitchen renovation and home renovations.

Bathroom renovations are often one of the biggest projects undertaken by homeowners. As a result, it is vital to ensure that the bathroom can be enjoyed immediately after completion rather than having to wait weeks for additional work to follow to rectify any minor issues encountered during the process. After all, it’s your dream bathroom, and our design team want to make sure you enjoy it as soon as possible. That’s why we are one of the best bathroom renovation companies in Melbourne Victoria.

Custom Bathroom Design and Quality Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

Our custom designed bathroom solutions allow you to have a peaceful sleep knowing that your bathroom renovations are of the highest possible standards.

Always get itemized quotes so you know what you’re paying for. To avoid danger and penalties, use only licensed contractors. To help protect your money and property, double-check credentials and insurance. HBK is only a lead generation provider and we have a range of qualified renovation companies who we provide the leads to. Customers are always advised to double check the renovation company for documents, licenses, permits and other necessary documents.

We guarantee all our workmanship on completion of your project. With Bathroom Renovations Melbourne you can be confident that the job will be completed as it was planned without any interruptions.

Bathroom Tub vs. Showers – What Should You choose?

While the shower/tub combination has long been popular, the current trend in bathroom renovations is to start replacing it with a freestanding tub as well as a separate glass-paneled shower.

We suggest you go for it if you have space and the money since you’ll get the perfect combination. However, many bathrooms are still unable to fit this arrangement, and many people’s budgets cannot afford it. So, for these individuals, the question is: bath, shower, or both?

Pros and Cons of Bathtubs and Showers

Consider the benefits and drawbacks if you’re renovating your bathroom and attempting to figure out what to do about the shower/tub scenario.

Pros of the Bathtub Renovations Melbourne:

  • It’s great for loosening up tight muscles
  • Bathing young toddlers is a delight in this tub
  • They are available in a range of sizes to fit into any bathroom
  • Because they are completed on all sides, freestanding units may be put almost anyplace
  • A broad range of design options (style, material, tile, etc.)
  • There are a variety of additional features available, such as air jets and whirlpool variants

Cons of a Bathtub Renovations Melbourne:

  • Getting in and out may be challenging for the elderly and those with injuries
  • It takes up a lot of room and consumes a lot of water
  • It would be ideal if you had a large enough water heater to fill the tub with hot water
  • Filling a tub and bathing may take a long time

Shower Advantages:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Quick and easy to use Showers use less water than tubs
  • People with mobility problems will find it easy to go about. They can also have grab bars, non-slip flooring, and seats installed
  • Small footprint (despite a recent trend for big, luxury stalls)
  • Rain showers, jets, and steam choices are among the high-end amenities offered

Shower disadvantages:

  • It’s inconvenient for parents with youngsters
  • To avoid noticeable lime and calcium stains on the shower doors, a lot of cleaning and maintenance is required
  • Fixing leaks may be a hassle. They must be correctly fastened, glued, and let to cure for the appropriate amount of time, leaving you unable to bathe for an extended period

When it comes to ROI, which is better: a bath or a shower?

Because showers are used much more often than tubs in most homes, there is a trend toward removing tubs entirely and replacing them with large, stand-up shower stalls. While this may fit your personal preferences, it is not a good investment.

Before you pull out your tub, think about the kinds of buyers who may be interested in buying your home in the future. You’re probably OK if it’s only empty nesters or the elderly, but if it’s more likely to be a family, you’ll need a tub. Our suggestion is to have at least one tub in the home at all times.

A Bathtub Renovation That Lasts a Lifetime

Are you fed up with bathing in an old, dingy, mildew-infested tub inside your bathroom? HBK Constructions – Home, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations professionals will assist you in designing the elegant and sophisticated bathtub of your dreams. Our world-class bathroom designs can meet the needs of any customer while also standing the test of time.

We have limitless choices for your bathtub renovation. All of our bath installation services are tailored to your specific needs. As a leading Melbourne bathroom renovations company, we are here to provide you the best design services to your bathrooms.

 Renovate Your Bathtub Once for a Long Time?

Don’t waste time and money on DIY bathtub replacement. Our bathroom renovators can complete your job within just a day for a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

We choose bathtubs that will perfectly fit your current bathroom and are available in various styles, patterns, and colors to complement your home’s décor. Our team is fast, and our bathtubs are guaranteed to last. We deploy methods that are resistant to cracking, chipping, and fading. They’re also mold and mildew proof, so they’ll keep your bathroom clean and healthy for longer.

Our Crystal Clear Process is as follows:

  1. First, one of our experts will take your measurements and assist you in selecting the tub type and accessories that will make your bath really special.
  2. Then, to ensure that your new tub fits properly in your home, we make sure you have chosen the best product out of hundreds of available bathtubs.
  3. Lastly, your new bathtub and wall liners are placed directly over your old ones, and your setup expert will clean and fix any issues that arise throughout the process. Within the shortest possible time, you could be relaxing in a new bathtub.

Please contact us right away to get started! Contact us to schedule your FREE bathtub renovation consultation with one of our friendly representatives.

Shower Renovations in Melbourne by Experts

A well-designed shower upgrade can revitalize not just your home but also your way of life. HBK Constructions is here to assist you with your transformation, from practical details like enhanced ergonomics and more space to aesthetic touches that make a shower a really pleasant place.

Our skilled team knows how to make the most of any space, big or small while keeping your budget, plan, and home’s overall style in mind.

Why Should You Choose Us to Renovate Your Shower?

With a spectacular shower renovation, our skilled designers will transform your Melbourne home. When bathrooms are welcoming and roomy, it makes a difference in your day, and the shower unit is one of the most important components. When you couple this with smart functionality, you get a bathroom that not only looks great but also serves well.

When working on renovation projects, our experienced team will always keep the following in mind:

  • Perfection in ergonomics
  • Practicality and efficiency in terms of space
  • Appropriateness for the intended function
  • Maximum quality on a minimal budget
  • Stunning design

We ensure that our customers have a start date and, most crucially, a finish date for easier long-term planning.

Experienced Bathroom Renovators in Melbourne With Modern Bathroom Designs

With a plethora of expertise in shower renovations in Melbourne, we know bathrooms like the back of our hands. Please stop by our office if you reside in the Melbourne area and contemplate whether or not to renovate your shower. We would be delighted to help our customers achieve their idea of a peaceful sanctuary.

We don’t play games since we can provide quotes promptly, providing our customers with enough time to make choices in the process. We will respond to leaks after the job is completed as a means of demonstrating our trust in our work – give us a call, and we will come straight over.

Quick & Affordable Bathroom Remodels in Melbourne

Every homeowner’s dream is to have a stunning and economical bathroom remodel, and we will make that dream a reality for you! If your bathroom is a decade old, ruined, or in desperate need of repair, our team of skilled bathroom renovators can make it seem brand new in less time than you could have imagined.

Explore our bathroom remodeling options for a one-of-a-kind, beautiful, economical, and practical bathroom makeover.

Whatever the renovation budget you have, we have also got solutions for all kinds of design budgets. We want to make sure all homeowners in Melbourne achieve their dream bathroom design by using our affordable services.

Why Choose Us For Your Next Bathroom Renovation Melbourne Project?

  • Free in home consultation
  • There are options for various budgets and finishes
  • Removal of debris as soon as possible
  • Licensed and professional tradesmen
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

HBK Constructions – Home, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations professionals have experience renovating an existing bathtub or shower in the best possible way, whether you have a small or large bathroom. Our team of qualified bathroom designers and expert bathroom renovators complete the remodeling procedure in such a manner that your shower or bathtub may be installed quickly and simply without disrupting your daily routine.

Melbourne Bathroom Renovation Projects & Bathroom Upgrade With Ensuite

As a leading Melbourne bathroom renovation company our specialists evaluate your bathroom by collecting precise measurements and creating a new shower and bathtub using the best bathroom renovation techniques available. We make sure that everyone is satisfied by following the procedures outlined below:

  1. Look through our many designs and styles
  2. Get in contact with a member of our team
  3. Concepts and selections
  4. Build and evaluate a proposal
  5. Acceptance of the proposal
  6. Construction of a professional standard
  7. Testing, completion, and final review are all steps in the process
  8. Find delight in your new bathroom

Whether you want to change the shower in your ten-year-old bath or build a high-quality bathtub, our experienced renovators can help you achieve your goals in the quickest time possible! Our shower remodel option comes in various colors, styles, and patterns that you may personalize to fit your bathroom’s decor.

Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers in Melbourne

Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers in Melbourne

When upgrading your bathroom, you have two choices: a bathroom makeover or a complete bathroom renovation. Both are worthy of further research. The bathroom remodeling option comes with the following obvious benefits:

  • A bathroom remodel is a less expensive alternative
  • Completing it should take less time
  • While the makeover is taking place, you may continue to use your old bathroom

Bathroom Makeovers of the Highest Quality

It’s no surprise that your bathroom, as one of the most used rooms in the house, begins to show symptoms of wear and tear after just a few years. We take pleasure in delivering high-quality bathroom makeovers that achieve the ideal mix of beauty and practicality.

Our team of expert renovators has years of experience in the business and keeps up to date with the newest trends and designs to guarantee you’re investing in a lasting design that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Our spectacular bathroom makeovers are the ideal option for you, whether you want to improve your fixtures and repair your plumbing or want an upgraded bathroom design that mirrors the style and theme consistent throughout your home.

Renovation for Small Bathroom

Your small bathroom should be designed to meet all of your physical and spiritual requirements. After a hard day at work, it should be a place where you can relax and rejuvenate. So, we provide bathroom renovation in Melbourne that will refresh your bathroom designs.

Our HBK Constructions – Home, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations experienced artisans pay close attention to the smaller things to guarantee that the complex designs of the bathrooms meet all of the client’s needs. So, all you have to do is tell our professional designers what you want in your bathroom and show them the place that needs to be renovated. Then it’s up to our designers and artisans to work their magic and transform your dull, outdated bathroom into a beautiful, contemporary space.


Small Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne, Victoria

Our small bathroom renovations vary from the fundamentals, such as replacing electrical fixtures to full overhauls with all new fixtures. Take a look at the following services for a more in-depth look at our bathroom renovations:

  • Completely renewed bathroom design for your new bathroom
  • Dismantling old cabinets, lighting, plumbing fixtures, tile flooring, faucets, and installing new, stylish products
  • Install electrical appliances and floor coverings
  • Construction of electrical and plumbing lines

All painted, and unpainted surfaces benefit from being sealed to increase their durability. Our bathroom renovations in Melbourne company has one of the best customer service team around and we will make sure your modern bathroom & kitchen is up to the standards you deserve.


How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom in Melbourne?

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom in Melbourne

The project’s size and complexity determine the budget of a bathroom renovation. A basic cosmetic makeover may cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the extent of the job.

A full renovation may cost upwards of $25,000 to complete. Aside from size and complexity, the grade of the fittings, fixtures, finishes, and the plumbing and electrical needs of the project will have a major impact on the cost. Our experts will collaborate with you to develop a bathroom renovation plan that fits your budget.

The following are some of the major costs to consider when renovating a bathroom:

  • The standard shower screen, frameless shower screen, or semi-frameless shower screen
  • Bath, which could be freestanding or integrated
  • Plumbing, particularly if you are moving plumbing or installing new components
  • Tiling (wall and floor tiles)
  • Waterproofing, to make sure your renovated bathroom doesn’t leak
  • Toilet, which could have an in-wall cistern or be a standard version
  • Vanity, wall-mounted or standard which looks cleaner and results in more floor space
  • Lighting, which could be task, general, or mood

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about complicated calculations as our expert team will advise you on what needs to be done and provide you with an accurate quotation.

What is your new bathroom renovation budget? Our bathroom renovations Melbourne company has solutions for all your budgets whether it’s a luxury bathroom, designers bathroom or a new bathroom which is a bit smaller. Just contact us for a free home inspection and a free quote without any obligations! Our team will come to your house and have a proper discussion with you regarding your home renovation wants. Our years of experience and work done over the past years will help us understand you better.

Latest Projects

Bathroom Renovation Project at Dandenong

Bathroom Renovation Project at Dandenong

At the Dandenong bathroom renovation project, we renovate floors, mirrors, countertops, toilets &, etc. We rearrange the layout to make better use of the space.

Bathroom Renovation Project at Narre Warren

Bathroom Renovation Project at Narre Warren

We specialize in providing customer satisfaction through high-quality products, reasonable prices, and a professional, transparent installation process. 

Bathroom Renovation Project at Chelsea

Bathroom Renovation Project at Chelsea

We want to give you a bathroom you are proud of, a bathroom in which you can luxuriate. We provide top-notch bathroom renovation services, from the first step until the very first time you turn on the tap.

Bathroom Renovation Done Easy

To guarantee that the bathroom renovation project runs well, we prefer to provide the following services:

● Free measurement and cost estimate
● Provide renovation concepts and designs.
● Provide a timeline that is strictly followed.
● Ensure that there is an excellent level of communication and customer service across the facility.


We know that you have so many questions about bathroom renovation in Melbourne. For your common questions, here are our expert answers:

What should I do to prepare for my bathroom renovations Melbourne project?
It would help if you first choose what you really want, i.e., the style and aesthetic you desire. To obtain a better understanding, you can use the internet or different publications. Then you may request a free consultation from our professionals, and they will guide you through the procedure. Also, take away or cover all of your belongings and furnishings before the work starts to protect them from the dust.
How long will it take to renovate and get that new bathroom experience?
The length of a bathroom renovation, like the cost, is determined by several variables, including the amount of preparation and demolition required, the size of the area to be renovated, and the design intricacy. During the quotation stage, we may establish a precise project schedule with fixed start and finish dates.
Is it necessary for me to seek the help of other contractors?
No. Everything is taken care of by us. We work with a group of fully trained, certified, and experienced contractors, such as electricians, tilers, carpenters, cabinet makers, and plasterers, among others. We’ll organize and handle all of the contractors, so you’ll only have to deal with our team from beginning to end.
Will professionals assist me in selecting materials for a bathroom renovation?
Yes, with the support of our experts, we will assist you in selecting modern bathroom materials. We collaborate with several industry materials suppliers and merchants to provide you all of the supplies you need at a reasonable price. Don’t be concerned! With us, you can find everything you need for your bathroom renovation in Melbourne. We will always use the highest quality materials for all our luxury bathrooms, new bathroom and ensuite solutions.
Can you do bathroom renovations within a few days?

The length of your bathroom renovations project will depend on the work to be performed, how complex it is to perform the work and various other factors including the price. Our Melbourne bathroom renovations company will try our best to finish your bathrooms renovations design as soon as possible.

Does your team offer free home consultation for your bathrooms renovations services?

Yes, our renovations team offer free in home consultation service with every quote.

Client Testimonials

“After years of planning to get our outdated tub out, it finally came true! We had the tub out and shower installed instead. Best customer service. Thank you! Everything went smooth! We definitely made the right choice for our family.”


“We hired HBK Constructions in the spring of 2019 to do a complete renovation of our main bathroom in our 80 year old house. We met with them a couple of times before work began to have him assess our needs and present a design. They do what they are experts in. Superb. We completely love our new bathroom”

Denise Smith

Members of HBK Constructions very knowledgeable in helping me pick the right style for my bathroom. The installers were prompt and courteous. Now my bathroom looks amazing and it is so much easier to clean. I highly recommend HBK Constructions

W. Barry

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