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We’ve worked diligently for years to create high-quality house extensions all across Melbourne. We will walk you through the full process of adding a second story or ground floor extension, from design to handover, based on our many years of experience with house extensions to help clients transform their family homes into the dwelling of their dreams. So, when you choose us, you don’t need to be worried about anything.

Our mission is to provide property owners in Melbourne with cost-effective and high-quality house remodeling and extension services. We strive to be fully transparent in our communication so that when we tell you how much a house extension will cost, you will know exactly how much it will cost. We never include hidden fees in the total cost unless we first discuss them with you.

Our Method for Perfect House Extensions

Starting with your ideas and finishing with a beautiful, smooth property extension, we provide a comprehensive and cost-effective end-to-end solution. HBK Constructions – Home, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations team work as your mentors throughout the house expansion phase, as we believe that how we do things is just as significant as the outcome. Our procedure goes well beyond industry standards:

1) Initial Design Consultation: We provide our clients with a free design process for house expansion. You get the opportunity to have professionals listen to your ideas for a house extension. They’ll give recommendations and feedback to improve the designs based on their vast knowledge. It saves you time by eliminating the need to seek out an independent designer.

2) Drawing Progression: We use registered practitioners who are experts in their fields to create your plans. The contractor will utilize these working drawings to precisely construct your expansion. Again, because we already have trusted specialists on hand, our end-to-end solution saves you time and effort in this scenario.

3) Assurances: Our assurances have already been implemented per our best-building-practices philosophy. You may rest easy knowing that your house extension project will have a single set cost and a clear start and finish date. All essential insurance will cover you, and upon completion of the job, you will be given a warranty insurance certificate.

4) Signing the Contract: If you are happy with the early stages of our process, you will sign the contract.

5) Construction: During the construction stage, you’ll be overjoyed to witness your new house extension come to life. We take pleasure in offering outstanding service and high-quality house extensions in Melbourne to our clients. We ensure that we are proud of our work and our clients by following best practices in every way imaginable.

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Completed Projects

How Much Does it Cost to Extend a House in Melbourne?

Let’s get down to business. A home extension may cost anything from $965 to $2,710 per square meter. And this applies to the ground and upper story extensions ranging in size from 50 to 150 square meters. A single-story addition may cost anywhere from $1,350 to $2,100 per m2. The price, however, may vary based on the design, location, and materials used. A two-story home addition may cost as much as $3,150 per m2 or more.

Extension projects that require foundation construction, engineering assessments, and significant structural modifications will cost more.

What Determines the Cost of a Home Extension?

When it comes to designing a home extension, each homeowner has unique requirements and desires. HBK Constructions will give you many factors that determine the cost of constructing an addition as house extension experts:

  • Preparation of the site: Site evaluation (i.e., soil condition, level), demolition, and excavation are more likely to be required for a ground floor (or single-story) extension. The more difficult the job is, the greater the charge.
  • The scope of the project: Less structural work means lower costs. You may reuse existing fixtures for your expanded house to save money on supplies. New plumbing and electrical fixtures, on the other hand, may affect costs.
  • The type of house expansion: Is this a two-story expansion or a single-story extension? Because it does not need excavation or ground preparation, a first-floor (or second-story) expansion may be less expensive. Extending upwards would need the replacement of your home’s roof and the addition of new floors to suit the second-story construction. Windows, external wall cladding, and roofing systems all have higher installation costs.
  • Materials of high quality: The cost of higher-quality materials is usually more than that of lower-quality materials. Custom bathrooms with high-end fixtures, for example, may be more costly than conventional fit-outs.
  • Fees charged by the city council: The laws governing construction vary from one state to the next. Please check requirements with your local council (which we can do for you) before beginning construction. You can avoid future conflicts by adhering to height limits and neighboring boundaries.

Should you be concerned about these figures? No, because if you choose us for home extensions in Melbourne, we will provide you with a detailed estimate based on your specifications. So, you won’t have to worry about estimating the costs for every element of the extension project.

How You Will Benefit from Second Story Extensions Melbourne?

Is your home becoming smaller as your family gets bigger? Do you want to create a separate section of the house where the kids can play while you work? Adding a second-story extension to your home may be the ideal answer to your space issues. You can rely on HBK Constructions – Home, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations experienced builders to create high-quality 2nd-floor additions for classic and contemporary Melbourne houses when it comes to double-story extensions. We’ve got plenty of experience, so trust us! You can rely on us to make the modifications that make you and your family much happier, whether you’re seeking to remodel a classic Californian bungalow or breathe new life into an old home.

It may surprise you, but a double-story extension may be less expensive than you imagine, especially when compared to a ground-floor extension. Building upward and adding a second story eliminates most of the financial problems that occur with ground-level expansions, such as:

  • Avoiding poor access to the land for excavation and heavy construction machinery
  • The presence of established decks, gardens, sheds, and patios
  • Reduction of leisure space for kids, pets, and entertainment
  • Impact on the foundations by trees
  • Sloping of the land, which can affect excavation

Our basic second story extension follows these steps:

1) Consultation and approval of the design: This is when we collaborate closely with you to create the perfect second-story addition floor plan and finalize the design features you want to see in your home.

2) Construction, inspection, and completion: While we’re constructing your second story extension, you’ll have complete visibility. Before we complete it, we’ll double-check that everything is up to code and looks fantastic.

We are Your Number One Extension Builder in Melbourne

When extending and remodeling a heritage home, we understand how important it is to maintain its aesthetic qualities. HBK Constructions – Home, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations team of highly trained architects and builders has decades of expertise in renovating and preserving historic homes of note. With our help, you’ll get the finest contemporary design while maintaining the historical integrity of your house.

Dedicated Design and Construction Teams

We have specialized design and construction teams, so what our customers envision in their minds becomes a reality. Our architects and draftspeople collaborate closely with our construction crews to guarantee that your vision is carried out from the blueprints to the finished product.

HBK Constructions team of professionals will design and construct your extension to blend seamlessly into the existing structure, providing you with the space you need while also increasing the value of your house. Every house we remodel is constructed to our high standards of expertise, craftsmanship, and quality. We’ve perfected the art of spectacular house transformations for many years in the business. Is it possible that your home will be next?

Why extend your house without buying a new house?

Many individuals think that buying a new house is the solution when their current home becomes too small for their expanding family. But why relocate your family and leave all those priceless memories behind when an extension may fix all of your issues? Extensions are not only more convenient and cost-effective, but they are also the ideal way to make the most of the house you currently have and enjoy it for many years to come.

Whatever your situation is, we have a solution for you

A ground floor addition may be appropriate if your land is big enough, while an upper story may be your only choice if space outdoors is an issue. We provide completely customized designs that are suitable for your home and budget. HBK Constructions – Home, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations professionals can help you realize your extension plans when we work together.

Latest Projects

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Home Extensions Project at Frankston

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A home extension is an extremely effective way to make the most of your living space. You can improve the aesthetic beauty of your home, and increase its value. A home extension is a cost-effective alternative to selling your home or building a new home.

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Home Extensions Project at Hallam

Home extensions can be used for living space, for work, or to accommodate guests. You may also add an extension to your home to accommodate extended family. HBK Constructions is the best building extensions Melbourne company.

Home Extensions Done Easy

To guarantee that the home extension project runs well, we prefer to provide the following services:

● Free measurement and cost estimate
● Provide extension concepts and designs.
● Provide a timeline that is strictly followed.
● Ensure that there is an excellent level of communication and customer service across the facility.


We know that you have so many questions about home extensions in Melbourne. For your common questions, here are our expert answers:

What should I do to prepare for my bathroom renovation project?
It would help if you first choose what you really want, i.e., the style and aesthetic you desire. To obtain a better understanding, you can use the internet or different publications. Then you may request a free consultation from our professionals, and they will guide you through the procedure. Also, take away or cover all of your belongings and furnishings before the work starts to protect them from the dust.
How long will it take to renovate?
The length of a bathroom renovation, like the cost, is determined by several variables, including the amount of preparation and demolition required, the size of the area to be renovated, and the design intricacy. During the quotation stage, we may establish a precise project schedule with fixed start and finish dates.
Is it necessary for me to seek the help of other contractors?
No. Everything is taken care of by us. We work with a group of fully trained, certified, and experienced contractors, such as electricians, tilers, carpenters, cabinet makers, and plasterers, among others. We’ll organize and handle all of the contractors, so you’ll only have to deal with our team from beginning to end.
Will professionals assist me in selecting materials for a bathroom renovation?
Yes, with the support of our experts, we will assist you in selecting materials. We collaborate with several industry suppliers and merchants to provide you all of the supplies you need at a reasonable price. Don’t be concerned! With us, you can find everything you need for your bathroom renovation in Melbourne.

Client Testimonials

I had an overall excellent experience. They’re extremely professional and very good with communication. They delivered on what they promised.


Everyone at HBK Constructions was a pleasure to work with. It’s difficult to have work done on your home as you are living in it. It is obvious that the crews are well trained in making the project as pleasant an experience as possible.

K. Kathleen

Kudos all around for a professional and friendly approach to the project and keeping it on schedule and informed.


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