Does your bathroom need a fresh look? Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or you want a change, there are simple ways to update your bathroom. Here are a few simple things you can do to help create a fresh, new look. 

Focus On Lighting

Great lighting is essential for a bathroom. Many bathrooms don’t have natural lighting that brightens up the space. If this sounds like your bathroom, consider updating your light fixtures. Certain light fixtures can create harsh shadows and dim lighting. Try switching to a wall lamp with LED lights. Some people even hang a chandelier in their bathroom. These options will give the room a nice, warm glow. 

Swap Out the Flooring

If you notice cracks or dents in the flooring, it’s a good time to swap out the flooring for something newer. Perhaps you’ve wanted to try wood flooring instead of tile. Maybe you’re thinking about faux wood instead. This is your chance to try something different. 

You can add unique and inexpensive flooring without remodeling your entire bathroom. Some people choose peel-and-stick tiles for a renewed look and then remodel at a later date. Another option is mixed-material flooring. You can play around with different styles and textures for a unique look. 

Freshen Up the Accents

Perhaps your bathroom doesn’t require a complete makeover but you just want to update a few things. Consider refreshing the accent pieces. Modern toilet handles, curtains, and towel racks are a great place to begin. You can even change up the shower curtain or add a new rug. 

Installing a new tub, sink, or toilet can also make a big difference. An updated appliance in your bathroom can also help things run more efficiently. 

Give Attention to the Details

Look around the modeling of the room, the windows, and the tub or shower. If you notice any cracks or peeling, apply some caulking in those spaces. Your flooring and accessories will last longer. Also, it will keep airflow from entering or leaving through the window. 

Here are a few other simple ways to freshen up the accents in your bathroom:

  • Add some wall decals or stencils
  • Place a new mirror above the sink or on the sidewall
  • Try beadboard paneling for a texturized look
  • Update your shower head
  • Mount a cabinet on the wall
  • Add splashes of color to your accent pieces
  • Spruce up the window space with a few plants
  • Install a backsplash above the sink or tub

These are just a few simple ideas that can freshen up the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank. Even the smallest detail adds an updated look to your space. 

Plan to Paint

No room is complete without a fresh coat of paint. Updating your bathroom with a new coat or even a new color will brighten up the space. If you’re tired of paint, you can try peel-and-stick wallpaper. This option lets you try a new look without damaging your walls. Peel-and-stick wallpaper comes in different colors and patterns. It’s easy to clean and won’t wrinkle in humidity. 

If you want a new paint job, think about the style or theme of your bathroom. Consider the lighting, accessories, and amount of space. These factors will help you decide on the paint styles and colors. 

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