Walk-In tubs are a great option to have when you have someone who is disabled, elderly or any type of mobility issues. It can make the entire process of bathing so much easier for them, and the person helping if needed. When it comes to safety, you want to do whatever it takes to make sure safety is intact. 

HBK Constructions is a well-known company that has the experience you are looking for when hiring a professional. They have the knowledge and skills to install walk-in bathtubs. The staff can provide you with information and advice on the product as well. 

Pros of Having a Walk-In Tub

Safety first! That is how we feel about taking care of our loved ones. You definitely can see the many benefits that this can have for the individual just by looking at the tub. 

  • Safety- Instead of having to step over an edge when wet and slippery, you can walk straight out. Not to mention you have to sit there while it fills and drains, so you can dry off while still in the tub. That way you don’t step out and slip.
  • Therapeutic- Soaking in warm water can have a lot of benefits on sore muscles or aches and pains. The individual can sit comfortably on the set and soak for as long as they need. 
  • Improves Circulation- When you sit and soak in the water or even add some Epsom salt to the bath to help soothe, you can improve circulation in the body. Helping you to get around and move better because you are more relaxed.
  • Easier Cleaning- Not having to lean over the edge, you can open the door and clean the tub with ease. You can step in and out easily and not have to worry about slipping or getting light-headed while leaned over the edge of the tub. 

Cons of Having a Walk-In Tub 

While we can all agree that safety is the most important thing, there are some things to think about when you are considering installing a walk-in tub. One thing that many people have issues with is that you can’t fill the tub, then get in. You have to sit in the tub while it is being filled with water, due to the door to walk-in. 

Though there are many upsides to owning a tub like this, there are some downsides. It is important to do some research before you jump in and start the installation process. That way you are prepared for all the costs that may come with it. Some things such as:

  • Costly- They do cost a lot more than a traditional bathtub, but also have more to offer.
  • May Need a Professional Electrician- Some homes are not equipped with the up to date electrical that is required for these tubs. 
  • Medicare Doesn’t Always Cover It- Insurances are all different and all require different quotes to meet. It is going to depend on the reasons and explanations that you are giving for needing the tub. 
  • May Need A Newer Model Water Heater- This goes along with the electrical help that may be needed. Older homes may not have the correct levels of power that are needed to fill the tub. 

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Pros and Cons of Having a Walk-in Tub Installed in Melbourne
Pros and Cons of Having a Walk-in Tub Installed in Melbourne