Unless you’ve been in your home for many years, you likely haven’t had to think about your windows very much. But window maintenance, repair, and replacement is key to keeping your home in good condition now and in the future.

Unsung Heroes
Unfortunately, many homeowners take their windows for granted, even though windows have a significant impact on quality-of-life in the home. Consider some of the things windows provide:

  • Outdoor views
  • Natural light
  • Ventilation and temperature control
  • Energy efficiency
  • A home for plants and pets
  • Opportunities to decorate and express personal style
  • Added security
  • Curb appeal
  • Property value

Windows consist of individual pieces that have to work together in order for the window to function properly. Some windows are more complex than others. Together, all of your home’s windows are part of a system designed to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Aside from their practical functions, windows also compliment the architectural style of the home, adding interest when viewed from the outside.

Trouble Spots
Windows age over time, and depending on the type of home you have, and where your windows are located, it may not be that easy to tell when maintenance or repair is needed. Some warning signs include:

  • Moisture build up: Windows always seem to be covered in condensation
  • Air leakage: Hot / cold air escaping or coming through
  • Fogged glass: Moisture visible in between glass panes
  • Failing hardware: Window won’t open or close
  • Warped frame: Window won’t seal
  • Cracked seals or peeling paint
  • Mold, mildew, dry rot
  • Insect intrusions

Some homeowners make the mistake of having their window glass and hardware replaced — and leaving it at that. But quick fixes may not address underlying issues affecting the frame of the window or the structure of the home.

Other homeowners take on window repair as a kind of warm weather “do-it-yourself” project. However, window replacement is a difficult job requiring precision and technical expertise. If it’s not done correctly it could actually damage your home.

Back On Track
In every home repair situation, we recommend that you have a professional home improvement specialist do a complete inspection, and find out the causes of things like moisture build up and dry rot. The specialist should provide you with an outline of necessary maintenance and repairs that will help your home stand the test of time.

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How To Tackle Window Repair and Replacement