A home addition is often the most expensive renovation one can get done on their home. And, while there might be many advantages to getting your home extended, deciding to go through with a home addition isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. To be well aware of what you should consider, here are 5 home addition questions you can ask yourself before moving forward:

Why do I want a home addition?

It’s important to think about why you want to add living space to your home. Is it to make your home’s facade more imposing or to add space to your kitchen? Sometimes, simply restructuring your home’s interior by removing walls, for instance, is enough to gain the additional living space sought after in rooms you deem important. If the costs of expanding your home significantly outweigh buying a new house, you’ll then need to consider the pros and cons of each option. Everyone’s living situation differs, it all depends on your needs.

According to municipal laws, what am I allowed to do?

When considering a home addition, one of the first steps you should take is learning about your municipality’s laws. It’s best to be aware of them before even getting plans done. You’ll want to know what you’re permitted to do before spending time and money on the project. Head to your city’s urban planning office with your home’s deed in hand and some pictures. You’ll find out, for instance, how many meters you’re allowed to invest in in regards to lateral additions. You’re also likely to learn that certain exterior siding/cladding options are forbidden on your home’s facade, or even that a home addition on piles isn’t permitted. Every city is different, so even if your friends or family that live in the next town over have had a lot of leeway, you might not.

What does my banker think?

Regardless of the kind of home extension you’re going for, you’ll need to talk to the bank. In most cases, people need a mortgage loan or refinancing. Your banker might be against the idea of extending your home, or even the sum required to get the project done, if ever your home is already the most expensive one in your neighborhood.

Will the house be able to support extra weight of an additional floor?

To find out, you’ll probably need to speak to an engineer, especially if you want to add another storey. They’ll let you know how the addition will affect the house’s structure by performing a load calculation. Will it be able to withstand the extra weight? They’ll help you gain information you can’t go without. Moreover, for some projects, an engineer’s seal will be required by the city. If you live in a two-storey house and do not have a garage, it might be an interesting option to build a garage with a room above it.

Who will take care of the plans and build the extension to my home?

Of course, you’ll deal with a qualified home addition contractor like us. We suggest going for the best-suited contractor; don’t just opt for the least expensive option! As for the plans, your best bet is to have an architect or technologist put them together. They’ll be able to advise you into considering your needs and available space first and foremost. The professionals working on your home addition will also take into consideration both the municipality’s constraints and those of the building code so that you end up with a home addition that fits with your home’s architecture and your overall needs & desires.

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Home Additions 5 Questions to Ask Yourself