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Adding A Mirror To Your Living Room 

By adding a mirror to your living room, you give the sense of openness to the room. This can also help by adding light to the room. The mirror will show the light from outside and really brighten the place up. Mirrors and light-colored walls will really make the space pop as well. 

Having mirrors on the walls will play tricks on your eyes, which will make the area feel bigger than it is. This is what you want! Anything that can make a small space seem bigger. You can put mirrors on one wall or on multiple. 

What Color To Paint 

Did you know that using dark paint colors in a small space can make it feel even smaller? When you want to make your living area seem bigger, try using white paint. The white paint will make the place feel light and airy. It even makes your ceilings feel higher than they actually are.

You can always add wood accents or textured elements to your room to give it a less cold feeling. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a bright white, just stay away from the darker colors. Painting the ceiling and walls the same color helps open the space as well, giving it that cloud effect. 

Keep Things Simple

It is important to keep things simple and uncluttered when trying to make your living space seem bigger than it is. The more you add to a room, the smaller it is going to feel. There is no reason to go over the top with decorating. Have you ever heard; less is more? That is definitely the case with smaller rooms. 

Be very intentional with what you are putting in your living room. If you want to put a huge beautiful piece of art on the wall, have it be the only piece in the room. You will want to avoid busy patterns on the wall as well. If you must use busy patterns, make it on one wall as an accent wall. Of course, as much as you can avoid busy patterns and dark colors the better. 

Rugs and Drapes

As much as you will want to put rugs down on the floor and drapes on the windows, if possible, avoid doing so. It’s all about playing tricks on the eyes, just like with mirrors. If you need a rug, make it a very simple one. Don’t cover the entire floor with it. 

When choosing whether or not to put drapes up, think about these things. If you are looking at drapes for privacy, try lightweight mesh or cloth blinds. You could also consider shutters. If drapes are a must, make sure to use a bar that extends past the window frame. This will help with exposing the full window, therefore allowing lighter in.  

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