Storage space is always a high priority in bathrooms and is one of the main reasons homeowners remodel. The good news is there exists a strong market for storage design and configuration for bathrooms of all sizes and shapes. Let’s take a look at a few innovative options for you to consider in your bathroom.

Custom Built-in Cabinets and Shelves

The walls of your bathroom represent some of the best potential for increasing storage. The options available in shelving and cabinets range from DIY kits to custom built-ins from the pros. Today custom built-in shelves or cabinets are not just for the kitchen or living room. 

Surprisingly, custom cabinets and shelves are an option for most bathroom plans. We have seen examples where the shelves started on the floor on both sides of a toilet and meet a short distance above the tank, and go all the way up to the ceiling. The ultimate combination of form and function.

Cabinets can be custom-built as well for bathroom use. Options include U-shaped drawers to fit around the plumbing underneath the sink. And revolving shelves inside the cabinets under the sink, to allow more storage in a tight space.

Bathroom Shelves Between Drywall Studs

In tight bathrooms where shelves on the walls take up space, consider having shelves recessed into the space between wall studs. Wall niche shelves. Bathroom walls without plumbing are more adaptable for this. But even walls with cabling can work with some adjustment. Your contractor will be the best resource for the ways to make this work and give you a professional-looking installation. Some options for this kind of shelving include hiding the shelves behind sliding mirrors or pictures.

Swap Your Tub For a Shower

Bathtubs take up the majority of space in a bathroom but are rarely used if ever. Showers give you far more flexibility for using bathroom space. Swapping a tub for a shower is one of the most common projects done in bathroom remodeling. With more people working from home today, bathroom space for two or more is the trend. For example, people are increasing shower space to accommodate 2 people at the same time. Another popular shower configuration is one that is self-contained so it doesn’t need a typical swinging or sliding door and thereby saves space in the bathroom.

Space previously used by a bathtub can be used in other ways as well. If you have the shower space you need already and the tub is not used by anyone, remove it and use the space for a closet, dressing area with storage built-in, or make-up area with a counter and cabinets or shelves for all the accessories.  

Bathroom remodeling is some of the most impactful remodeling homeowners can do and it’s a great way to personalize a room that gets used every day. When you increase the storage area of your bathroom, you get to enjoy the benefits as well as place your house above others in the marketplace. 

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3 Ways To Boost Storage Space in Your Bathroom
3 Ways To Boost Storage Space in Your Bathroom