Is a maintenance-free pergola possible? Beautiful, versatile pergolas provide a customized getaway right in your backyard. And with a little effort, your pergola will remain strong and in tip-top shape for years. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways you can help protect your pergola with a few easy pergola maintenance steps.

Pergola Maintenance Step 1: Choose the Right Wood

The best way to start is by choosing the right type of wood for your pergola. It’s also important to understand why pergola maintenance needs to be done. The reason is there are several elements to keep a lookout for that can pose a threat to an outdoor wood structure. But choosing the right wood makes all the difference. Specifically chosen for their high quality and resiliency, Pergola Depot wood types are the best at dealing with these common issues:

  • Dust, Dirt & Debris: These dust-ups are easy to spot and easy to clean.
  • Mildew: Humid, hot weather can help molds, always present in the air, grow and multiply on wooden surfaces, but our wood types resist these with ease. Taking the extra steps to maintain your pergola will help ensure its protection for many years.
  • Insects: Insects common in your part of the country (perhaps termites or carpenter ants) may make you cringe, but they won’t bother you or your high-resiliency wood pergola from Pergola Depot.
  • Too-Heavy Loads: Your ornamental wooden pergola is sturdy and reliable, so you may be tempted to put extra weight on top or hang items from the rafters. But it’s best to practice moderation while enjoying your beautiful pergola for years to come.
  • Water and Rot: What about water damage? Fortunately, buying pergola kits from Pergola Depot allows you to choose pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine or Cedar, which gives you a barrier advantage against moisture that other pergolas on the market can’t match.


Pergola Maintenance Step 2: Stain or Seal Your Pergola

It would be wonderful if maintenance-free pergola kits were the norm, but the truth is they aren’t. Some PVC kits out there claim to be, but they still need cleaning and maintenance of other kinds. But our high-quality, pressure-treated pine and cedarwood pergolas are virtually maintenance-free and long-lasting, so the question is: how much maintenance does a pergola require? Ours? Very little. Of course, you’ll want to stain or water-seal them according to your kit’s wood type as the wood eventually weathers to a grayish color if not.

We use high-quality lumber types that are insect, rot-repellant and can withstand severe weather elements. For additional protection, we recommend adding stain or sealant as soon as possible (*according to your wood type), and every two years after.

Pergola Maintenance Step 3: Inspect & Tighten

Part of pergola maintenance includes winterizing and inspecting when the patio season returns. If you’ve added a pergola canopy or shade sail, and have taken it down for the season, check all components and get it ready to re-attach. You can also take a minute to check and tighten any loose fasteners on your pergola. It only takes a few minutes to maintain your pergola and keep it looking like new.

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Three Steps to Your Maintenance-Free Pergola