Are you about to remodel your kitchen and need to know where to start? It is beneficial when you plan where to begin to get to the finished product. In this article, we will discuss what order is best for remodeling your kitchen. 

To maximize your time and effort, many steps need to be done before others. You wouldn’t want to install your and hook up your sink before running the plumbing. If you’re doing a DIY project for your kitchen, do plenty of research before you begin. If you are hiring a professional, they can advise you on the proper steps and in which order you should take them in. 

Where To Begin

It is exciting and fun to remodel areas of your home. The kitchen is somewhere that you spend a lot of time in. Making it a place that you enjoy is necessary. Make a list of our hopes and dreams for your kitchen and get to work. 

Here is some advice on the best order to tackle a kitchen remodel

Configure Plumbing and Electrical

One of the most critical reasons you want to start with the configuration of the plumbing and electrical is due to the placement of your appliances. You wouldn’t want to get primarily done with your remodel and realize you can’t move something where you thought you could. So, the first step you want to take is making sure all the plumbing and electrical is planned out and approved for where you want it to be. 

Do Any Painting That You Want 

Painting is a task that many people despise doing. It makes a big difference and needs to be done, but it is undoubtedly tedious. One of the reasons you want to do it, in the beginning, is that you can reach certain areas that are hard to get to when everything starts getting installed. You can always touch up as needed if anything gets nicked in the process. 

Install New Flooring

The flooring is the next step. Your cabinets, appliances and more will all need the flooring to be done underneath them before getting installed. That is why you need to accomplish this task early in your renovations. 

Install or Renovate Kitchen Cabinets

The step in this remodel that you have been looking forward to most is most likely your cabinets. It is one of the last couple of steps that you take. You don’t want them to get scratched up or damaged in the process of painting and installing flooring. Plus, they are needed to be in place before appliances and countertops are brought in. 

Install New or Renovated Kitchen Countertops

Once the cabinets and other steps are accomplished, the countertops can be placed. As you can tell, there are reasonings for every step and why it should be done in a particular order. You can’t install countertops without cabinets. The next and final step is the backsplash. 

Always End With The Backsplash

The backsplash is last because the measurements need to be precise when it comes to the space between countertops and the top cabinets. If you did this in reverse, you might end up with a problem on your hands. Just make sure to cover your countertops before grouting your backsplash. 

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