Are you deciding between a standard and a luxury kitchen? Whether you’re searching for a home that has an amazing kitchen or are you a homeowner tackling kitchen renovations. You may be trying to decide if you want just a simple standard kitchen or a luxury kitchen. 

Standard Kitchens are Practical 

Standard kitchens get the job done usually without all the extra luxuries. They consist of a standard stove, countertops, sink, dishwasher, cabinets, and sometimes a backsplash. Standard kitchens have normal-sized walls and ceiling heights. They are practical without the added luxury. Standard kitchens still function amazingly if they are your preference and they also work great for small apartments where space is limited. 

What Exactly is a Luxury Kitchens 

Luxury kitchens have amazing features that will give the wow factor to anyone. Luxury kitchens contain items such as:

  • Marble countertops or flooring
  • Double ovens 
  • Gas broiler stoves
  • Refrigerators that are located behind cabinets 
  • Wine pantry
  • Large sinks 
  • Brass or gold faucets 
  • Custom cabinets 
  • Custom designed backsplash 
  • High ceilings, some are vaulted 
  • Large pantry
  • And more.

Luxury kitchen designs are indescribably beautiful. They offer marble countertops that shine along with the amazing look of the cabinetry. Some choose a large farmhouse sink while others may choose a large ceramic sink.

Kitchen islands are a must in most kitchens. Some choose to have the sink on the island, or they put in a stovetop. Islands have much more extra storage and some choose to eat at the island as well. If you design a luxury kitchen, we know your options are not limited. There are countless options for every item needed to help you see your luxury kitchen dreams come true. 

Luxury Kitchen VS Standard Kitchen 

When comparing the two kitchens we see they are convenient and that both are going to operate the same as far as preparing meals.  A minimalist would probably rather have a standard kitchen with only the items that are needed to make a kitchen usable. Standard kitchens are also more budget-friendly. 

Someone looking to invest in a luxury kitchen may save the extra money to design their kitchen the way they would like. Luxury kitchens serve as being usable but with all the extra bling. They normally have more storage space along with extra pantry space. If you are on the fence and can’t decide whether you want luxury or standard. Think of you in your kitchen serving your family or guest and write down what you envision. 

Are Luxury Appliances Worth The Extra Cost 

Appliances are a big deal after all we use them every day. Some standard kitchens have luxury appliances. You may own a standard kitchen and you are only changing out appliances and you have decided to go with luxury ones. 

They will make your kitchen stand out and be conversation pieces in your home. Some homeowners that have standard kitchens add some luxury touches such as luxury appliances. So what makes an appliance luxurious?  

High-end appliances are made with materials that are built to last a lifetime. Another reason is performance, high end appliances perform outstandingly better than standard which is why the extra cost is worth it. Also, the look of the luxury appliances, are sleek and modern versus regular appliances. 

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What is The Difference Between A Luxury and Standard Kitchen
What is The Difference Between A Luxury and Standard Kitchen?