The Pancake Parlour Fountain Gate

The Pancake Parlour Fountain Gate

What was the place where it all began? Adelaide. They wanted a comfortable spot, a place where that you could sit and enjoy an evening of the chess board or read a magazine. They built the dream out of a burnt-out sandstone shell of a deli located in Gilbert Place and opened The Pancake Kitchen on the 21st of June the 21st of June 1965. It was a gathering place and a comfortable place in the middle of the city, that would serve as a place to call home.

After falling in love with pancakes during a trip across New York to Miami one day and dreamed of opening the first pancake restaurant in their hometown of Melbourne. In this location, on Market Lane, they built The Pancake Parlour in 1969. They were looking to capture the spirit of their city and the people by using three delicious ingredients.

They serve only food that they would serve at home. House-made. The main ingredient? Freshness. There are no microwaves. The first time they opened, there was no menu and offered pancakes only with maple syrup or strawberries. They had one question to ask – “how do you rate their pancakes?’ and their menu grew.

They are especially happy with their waiters. They have a great time while working. It’s thrilling. It’s alive. The best thing about it is the fact that they get together afterward. Some have even gotten married. They’ve had fantastic stories of team members’ success who have become managers.


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