Seed Heritage

Seed Heritage

Seed Heritage seeks to provide the best shopping experience possible and a brand identity, with exquisitely designed clothing accessories, footwear and accessories for women, teens child, and infant.

The company was founded in 2000. Seed Heritage began as a boutique for children’s clothes with a single storefront situated in Armadale, Victoria. Since day one they have focused on unique, beautiful styles and items made of natural fibers and fabrics. The range has expanded to include a baby line which was followed by women’s clothes and, later, a line for teenagers. Since they’ve also launched Collection, a women’s exclusive collection of luxurious, sophisticated fashion-forward styles and Seed Party!, a playful, sparkling collection for girls aged between 1 and 10.

Seed Heritage seeks to connect with its customers through the most unique and exciting retail experience. Their philosophy is straightforward they believe in excellent quality products, a beautiful design and unbeatable customer service.

The stores are created to showcase the rich heritage of their brand, while displaying their unique, minimalist design. Seed Heritage stores are comprised of “pods,” the most important sections of their product that were that are influenced by their brand name — that create an inviting, well-thought-out place that both adults and children will enjoy.

Seed Heritage has become a source for all your needs in sartorial. Collections are refreshed every month to ensure that new items are always on hand. Their women’s clothing is readily available and yet maintains the strong aesthetic of their designs and a modern edge. Their younger customers love styles that are both timeless and fun. They offer wardrobe staples as well as some extra party accessories to make the occasion need something more exclusive. Each piece is designed to perfection and constructed to last.

Through time, Seed Heritage has garnered an unwavering following from customers purchasing for themselves, their kids as well as other customers. They now have a global customer base, with more than 200 stores across destinations like New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. The online shop is accessible, and they ship worldwide.

Their designs are distinguished not only by the beautiful style, but also by ethical and safe production. They’re taking significant steps to improve their sustainability, from their manufacturing to packaging, and everything between – to work to create a more sustainable future. Every effort they make is tied to their primary goal: making pieces that you love, with the intention of making a difference.

They feel it is their duty to safeguard and protect the environment. The way they approach this is always changing as they review their social responsibility strategies and tackle every aspect within their supply chains. They are committed up to high standards, and promote the highest level of transparency within their operations. Through their suppliers and partners they are committed to quality and reliability in every phase of production and manufacturing.

Seed Heritage Seed Heritage, they are committed to honesty, respect, creativity and enthusiasm. They strive to always be ethical and leave a positive mark on the world, for their clients and suppliers and colleagues, their partners and everyone they meet in their daily lives.

Internally, it starts by the creation of a safe and inclusive workplace that is focused on the wellbeing and well-being of employees. Externally, they strive to improve their contribution to the community. In the early 2020s, following the devastating bushfires in Australia, Seed Heritage donated $200,000 to the Red Cross Relief and Recovery fund. They also urged their customers to show their assistance by making donations to the fund in-store or through on the Red Cross website. They’ve also donated clothing for children, men and women to Thread Together which is a non-profit organization which distributes clothes to those in need.

2020 was the 3rd year Seed Heritage partnered with Make a Wish during Christmas time to grant the most life-changing wishes for critically sick children. In the three years that followed the campaign generated $246,900 from point-of-sale purchases in exchange for gift wrapping services. Seed Heritage will continue to keep its promise to give back to the community through 2021 and beyond.

Literacy is the definition of freedom. It is the only way to gain access to education, work and participation fully in the society. So since 1999 since 1999, the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) is dedicated to advancing the standards of literacy. The foundation’s mission is to provide literacy, writing and communication skills. Their programs include initiatives that address the early stages of literacy and language training as well as refugee assistance and support, in addition to aid for children in remote and rural regions. Recently, Seed Heritage has been trying to provide faith and optimism to individuals and their families through donating funds to support a variety of literacy programs that are essential to Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander communities. Through a continuous collaboration, Seed Heritage commits to an annual collaboration, which is supported through websites and stores. All profits go towards helping to support literacy programs within Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander communities.


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