Schnitz Fountain Gate

Schnitz Fountain Gate

The founder of the company, Roman ‘Papa Schnitz’ Dyduk would have it otherwise. He developed the art of Schnitzel while in his kitchen with his family and was eager to cook for everyone who came through the door.

When he arrived in Australia and decided to replicate the same thing which is why he started the schnitzel restaurant in Melbourne and immediately made everyone feel at right at home. A few years later the sons of his Andrew Tom and Andrew Tom joined his on the steel pans and they came up with the Schnitz which you find today.

Whatever you’re looking for and where your origins are, you’ll feel accepted and will be welcomed to their table to enjoy warm, hearty home-cooked dinner at Schnitz. Everybody is part of the Schnitz family including their talented chefs to their devoted staff, and most importantly, their guests.

If you step through the Schnitz door or get it delivered to your door at the entrance, you’ll feel the feeling of belonging and being at home.

The Schnitz family is larger than ever. Schnitzel is still made with passion, crumbs and the freshest ingredients. As each day passes, Australians are falling in with Schnitz one freshly prepared food at a.


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