Narre Warren Early Learning Centre

Narre Warren Early Learning Centre

Narre Warren Teachers adhere to guidelines of the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child (1989). With the increasing pressure upon children’s lives to achieve successful academically and the hectic schedule of many families the Convention affirms that play is essential to children’s health and development.

Narre Warren Early Learning Centre is an intimate, family-oriented Centre situated inside an existing estate close to Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. They are also located within close proximity to the City of Casey parklands. There is a short walk from Maramba Elementary School. This will allow the Centre to establish relationships withand interact in a dialogue with local communities. (Quality area 6 Collaboration with communities and families).

They recognize that the ancestral owners of the land in which your children are playing are Wurundjeri people from the Kulin nation. As such, they recognize them by instructing their children about and respect various cultures, which include those of Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islanders.

They are proud of the relationships they establish between the Centre and the local community. They will collaborate with not just the local schools within the area as well as local government as well as other education providers universities and secondary services, with the availability of opportunities for students to pursue the studies they pursue in their Centre.

They believe that play is essential for the development of every child. It helps children think and explore, play with communication, reflect as well as co-operate and problem-solve and engage actively in their surroundings to foster learning. The program is guided by their perceptions and experiences of their children. They also reflect the National Quality Framework as well as the Early Years Learning Framework which will see each child reach their full potential “belonging”, “being” and “becoming” their educators will generally adhere to their own Victorian Early Years Learning Framework and “My time, their Place” The framework for children of school age in Australia.

The focus areas for learning outcomes include:

  • Children are able to feel an intense sense of identity.
  • Children are part of and are a part of their environment.
  • Children are incredibly aware of well-being.
  • Children are confident and active learners.
  • Children are excellent communicators.

It is their belief that young people are given the opportunity to exercise their autonomy and choices as well as being encouraged to develop the confidence to experiment with new things, and to be guided by other children. Their programs offer teachable moments which are led by adults and are often described as intentional teaching and provide opportunities for children to lead their own play, and experience to take lessons from. Parents are encouraged to share their personal information about their children’s and their families’ life so that teachers can create experiences around their areas of interest as well.

They are drawn to the environment that encourages peace and respect for our natural surroundings. Natural materials will be incorporated into the children’s curriculum regularly. the children will also be taught to improve their knowledge of sustainability by the process of caring for their surroundings through composting the worm farm, edible gardening recycling, reducing their waste and wise water use. They believe including animals in the center not only assists to instill a sense of wonder and wonder in kids, but assists children in having an understanding of respect and responsibility towards every living thing.

They are fond of outdoor activities. Playing outdoors is essential for all ages, however “children do not come into the world aware of the world in which they’ll be living. It’s only through their active engagement with the world around them that they are able to develop the experiences that enable them to create their own world”. One of the things that children learn that comes from outdoor play are interaction, spontaneity, risk being taken, investigation, discovering compassion and respect for their surroundings and a connection to nature. It’s also the joy of playing with friends! Who doesn’t reminisce to their early memories from mud pie or sand, water, and other types playing that is messy!

They are attracted by an environment of respect.

They appreciate a cohesive team atmosphere where teachers collaborate well and are able to recognize and accept the strengths and weaknesses of each other and their differences and similarities in their personal views. They believe that their job in the role of educators should be to share information, promote and nurture, as well as to educate, observe, and assess.

Parents appreciate and value parents for the information they impart to them regarding their children. Parents have a better understanding of their children than anyone else and their voice should always be heard. Their role as educators is to help parents, and they should never be able to take over or alter their job or their role in any manner.

Parents are asked to recognize the roles of their teachers and their role in the child’s lives and encourage their children to not just respect one another and the surroundings they are in but be respectful of themselves as well.

They believe in continuing professional development for educators. They support educators in their desire to enhance their education in addition to providing the opportunity to enhance their education through educator meetings or through mentorship with more knowledgeable teachers or educators. Opportunities for training in-service will be also made accessible to teachers.

They encourage and value educators family members and managers to participate in the design and continual review of the Centre’s principles, policies and procedures. The Centre philosophy is best studied together with the Centre guidelines and procedures manual.

With the use of gentle humor, the sense of acceptance, respect that they all are encouraged to show one another and hopefully, an ongoing love of learning, they express their gratitude to your family members for choosing the Centre family to ensure your child a successful beginning in their lives.


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