Fountain Gate Primary School

Fountain Gate Primary School

Fountain Gate Primary School has long-standing roots in the community. It can be traced back to 1889, when the ‘Narre Warren State School’ located on Webb Street, opened to the general public.

In 1975, the school was relocated in 1975 to Cranbourne Road. Plans were drawn up for a brand-new Fountain Gate Elementary School to be constructed close to the current site, however in the end, it was decided that the school should be located on Prospect Hill Road. Warrington Close was built on the site originally.

In 1980, the construction of their current site was completed and the ‘Fountain Gate Primary School is the name they use to refer to it, was established. The original location was located on Cranbourne Road remained in operation until 2001 after which it was temporarily shut and reopened with a different name.

Fountain Gate Primary School is located within the Fountain Gate Housing Estate, designed by Isador Magid in the 1960’s.

The estate was home to a variety of different housing types, some of that can be seen by taking a walk around the area. It was also among the first estates to include connecting parks.

Prospect Hill Road is listed in the City of Casey Heritage Scheme as having local significance, possibly even of national significance due to its inventive and creative housing development. Some houses have Heritage listing.

Did you not know it was that our Fountain (part in our brand logo and an art piece located at the intersection of Tinks Road and Princes Highway which is shown above) was turned off at one time when the estate was first opened in the 1970’s! The water flooded the highway, which created traffic issues! This got worse after the highway was widening but it was never shut off again.


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