Fountain Gate Secondary College

Fountain Gate Secondary College

Fountain Gate Secondary College is a year-round college that is committed to providing an excellent education for every student. They offer an intense and extensive curriculum for students in Years 7-10 with a selection of more than 100 subjects that encourage individual responsibility, involvement and autonomy. In 2019, the Endeavour Program provides students with the chance to learn about real-world programs through a project and problem-based setting, which allows learners to develop into 21st century problem solvers. The student’s choices are always developed in the middle of their education which allows students to pursue their interests as well as the opportunity to start the VCE program before the age of. At VCE the College provides a broad array of VCE programs that cover Sciences as well as The Arts Humanities English and history, Mathematics, VET courses as well as programs for the Rugby Sevens Sports Academy.

The students at Fountain Gate Secondary College, students’ voices play an important part. Students are given opportunities to build their leadership abilities through various initiatives and programs. The school captains manage an area for student meetings that is used for various programs, including forums, fundraising, as well as Future Problem Solvers in which they have won international acclaim. The College also accommodates students’ various requirements in academics and for their individual needs. Particularly, Fountain Gate Secondary College provides a High Achiever’s program that promotes the achievement of students in their academics.

The sub-schools and Gateway teachers oversee programs in which students set their own learning goals, review their learning habits and have regular meetings with their teachers and parents. They also help students with their academic, social and emotional needs, enabling learning for all learners.


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