Light fixtures have a large impact on a room’s mood and design. Replacing outdated fixtures with more modern ones can update your home’s look, improve the lighting, and save energy. Whether you choose oversized light fixtures, smart bulbs, statement bulbs, dimmable fixtures, or even antiviral lighting, be sure to choose fixtures you love as you’re going to be looking at them many times a day for most likely many years. 

As times change, home design fads change as well. Lighting that used to be popular twenty years ago is probably now outdated. Not only is it important to update lighting to reflect your personal style, but there are many new products that can help save you money and energy too. 

Dimmable Fixtures 

Having a dimmable light fixture is such a wonderful idea in any room. Not only do they help change the brightness of the room, but they also cut glare and can help save energy as well. When you have the light fixture on a dimmer, you can turn basically any light into a night light. Using statement bulbs or smart bulbs in dimmable fixtures not only helps add more personality to the space, but it can also provide excellent functionality as well. 

Statement Bulbs 

Edison bulbs have rapidly gained popularity and for good reason. Their sleek, sexy look shows that lighting can serve more purposes than just functionality. Lightbulbs can become the focal point of a light fixture, or they can blend in more so that the fixture itself is the focal point. Milky, seeded, or clear glass statement bulbs can help accentuate the look you are going for in the room. It’s easy to customize both the light fixture and the light bulbs with all the different options that are available today.

Smart Bulbs 

Smart bulbs are a pretty new concept that allows homeowners to adjust the actual color temperature of light bulbs. When you purchase a regular light bulb, you only get one color temperature option. With the smart bulb, during the day you can set it for bright cool white lighting to help you during the workday. For dinner, you can warm and dim the lighting for a more romantic feel. At nighttime, you can warm up the lighting, even more, helping your body prepare for sleep.  

Oversized Light Fixtures

For many years, the lighting trend was to select fixtures that would blend in or disappear completely, but times have changed. Many people are now gravitating towards oversized light fixtures that are statement pieces, most likely due to higher ceilings and more open floor plans. When you have a large dining room table in an open concept floor plan, a small light fixture can get lost, but a larger one can really make an impact on the room. In outdoor spaces, more people are choosing smaller-sized fixtures to create more intimate and cozy areas. 

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Why You Should Update Your Lighting in Your Home
Why You Should Update Your Lighting in Your Home