Studies have found that the average person spends over two years in the bathroom over the course of their lifetime. You should feel comfortable and at ease with the appearance of this room, considering how much time you spend there. Whether you are preparing to put your Melbourne home on the market or you are sprucing up your bathroom to your style, HBK Constructions is here to help.

7 Ways to Update Your Bathroom

There are several projects you can tackle when updating your bathroom. Something as small as changing out the toilet paper holder to large projects like installing new floors all help to improve its appearance. Here are some ideas of projects you can take on to update your outdated bathroom:

1. Change the Wall Color

A change in your wall color can go a long way. Perhaps your bathroom is so outdated that it has old wallpaper or pink tiles. A fresh coat of paint is a relatively inexpensive way to revitalize the room and give it a more modern feel. If your bathroom is small, a lighter paint color will make the room feel more open and airy. 

You may also want to consider doing an accent wall. An accent wall can be a bolder paint color or decorative wallpaper on one of the walls. Having an accent wall is a simple update that will give your room a pop of color and elegance. 

2. Hang A Big Mirror

A large mirror is an easy way to modernize an old bathroom. For added appeal, you should frame it, so the mirror clips and screws are hidden. Large, framed mirrors are all the rage and help to make a bathroom appear bigger. Mirrors reflect light, making your room bright and appealing. 

3. Update Your Vanity

If replacing your vanity isn’t in your budget, you can paint it for a facelift that is less expensive. Vanities experience wear and tear from everyday use and water damage, but paint can bring them back to life. You can also replace the hardware with an updated look that won’t break the bank. New knobs and pulls will make your vanity look brand new. 

4. Switch Out Old Faucets

Old sink faucets are unappealing and inefficient. Replacing your faucet is an upgrade that shouldn’t be overlooked. That old, tarnished, drippy sink has got to go. It would be best if you chose a finish that matches the hardware on your vanity. 

5. Replace Towel Racks

Towel racks are another victim of the humidity and moisture in a bathroom. They can easily become tarnished or rusted over time. Hanging new towel racks may seem like an insignificant update, but it will help transform your room. When it comes to updating a space, every small detail can go a long way. 

6. Install Shelving

Another idea for a bathroom upgrade is to fill the wasted space above your toilet with some new shelves. This not only gives you more storage space but also gives you the opportunity to add a decorative touch. You can use the shelves for towels, toiletries, and candles, or other decorative accents. 

7. Re-tile Your Floor

Dingy or cracked floor tiles with chipped grout may be plaguing your dated bathroom. Replacing your floors will give your room a fresh, new look. Ripping out old tiles and laying new ones is not an easy task if you’re inexperienced, so it may be best left to a professional.

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