Here at HBK Constructions we strive to be the best. We love serving and working with our Melbourne community. Our team has come up with 4 simple ways to consider when remodeling your home. These tips could save you lots of time and money on your next project. 

What Are Your Priorities?

Of course, your home needs to be functional. It’s no fun having a living space that is filled with inconvenient features. Or, maybe you already have functionality and you’re interested in improving aesthetics. Or, maybe you need something that adds both: better functionality plus an upgrade to the environment.  

Many remodeling improvements involve adding square footage. Where and how much are the main questions here. As long as changes are being made you’ll want to pay attention to the look and feel it will bring to the home. And that’s important whether adding square footage or just improving what already exists.

What is Your Budget?

HBK Constructions will work as much as possible, within your budget, to make your desires a reality. But sometimes, if something is out of your reach, we have skilled, knowledgeable people who may give alternative suggestions. Will another, more affordable material work as well for a new cabinet or bathroom fixture? Can the new, additional square footage take on additional functions instead of the one function it was intended to serve? 

Our building specialists may see possibilities that are not obvious to you. Whether through reducing costs by using alternate materials, or by maximizing your new square footage, our associate will work toward efficiently using each and every square foot.

Time to Plan the Project

This 3rd way toward the remodel of your home is where the action really begins. Our associate will work closely with you on making a plan that will utilize the time and money that is going into the remodel. If work is done in the proper order the inconvenience of going through a remodel (assuming you are living in the home while the remodel is in progress) will be minimized. 

There will most likely be a portion of the home that cannot be used for a period of time. You’ll need to make adjustments to your lifestyle and possibly your schedule to make allowances. Work must be done in the proper order: (example) if a new wall is to be installed, the electrician cannot be scheduled to put in outlets if the drywall has not been installed. Our HBK Constructions associate will be responsible for properly scheduling these items.

Time to Proceed With the Project!

You should know by now what the projected date is for finishing the project. Whether an addition, a simple remodel, or somewhere in between, the work will be ongoing as you watch your dream transfer to reality. If you’ve reached this conclusion as a dream, it’s now time to make it a reality!

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