Mocha Fountain Gate

Mocha Fountain Gate

Mocha’s story began when Nicki an experienced graphic designer who later became a jewellery maker began selling her unique jewellery on the Camberwell Market on Sundays. Nicki’s creativity and passion along with her business Dotan’s expertise in business led to this couple becoming an amazing pair. Their jewelry line was later rebranded to Mocha which was named after Nicki’s preferred hot beverage.
A chance arose during Westfield Southland in 2006, and the couple resigned their jobs at the time and launched Mocha’s first pop-up shop. Shortly after, Mocha established its first boutique in Westfield Doncaster in October 2008 which was decorated with its famous copper fixtures and the cascade chain ceiling. In 2020, the small-scale family business has expanded to seven stores across Melbourne’s most famous shopping centers, as well as concessions at a variety of Myer stores, and an employee base that includes more than 50 highly valued staff members.


From a couple’s first passion project to a flourishing brand in Australia’s capital of fashion Mocha’s values of family, love and fashion have not changed. The creation of a positive environment through providing opportunities to succeed have always been one of the main goals of the company.

From Sunday Market stands to the seventh boutique and finally at a top departmental store. Mocha appreciates the warm and caring support offered to every client they meet along their journey. They are committed to your satisfaction and their team will strive ever to provide you with the best products and services.


A retail company that has more than 15 years of expertise, Mocha truly appreciate that customer service is essential to satisfaction of customers. This is the reason they put a lot of money into the education of their front-line employees and continuously seek ways to enhance the shopping experience you have with Mocha.

Innovation is in Mocha’s DNA. Utilizing their strengths in bricks and mortar sector, Mocha is thriving as an Omni-channel company, with presence on the internet, social media, as well as on marketplace platforms. Utilizing the most recent technology and tools, their E-Commerce team is innovative and flexible offering solutions that meet the new needs in the marketplace.


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