Are you considering converting your garage into a livable or usable space? There are so many great opportunities that you have with a space like this. Especially, if you have a double garage, then you can still have room for your vehicle in part of it. 

It is a pretty brilliant idea to convert half of your garage space. There are many things to consider before you get started on a job like this. For example, the need for a permit, plumbing, electricity, flooring, and an HVAC. Once you have all of that straightened out, you can get started on your remodeling.

What You Can Do With Half of Your Garage Space

Obviously, it really depends on the size of your garage to know what all you can do with half of the space. Some examples of things that you can do are listed below and explained. 

Garage Apartment

If you have a rather large garage to begin with, then you can greatly benefit from a garage apartment. You can still park your vehicle in it, or let the tenants of the apartment park their car there. It is also a great way to bring in extra money with rent. 

Home Office

Working from home is more popular than ever right now. If you have found yourself in this situation, then you can probably see many reasons as to why you want to create a secluded place for you to work. 

If you have the room in your garage to make a portion of it into office space, it may be the perfect place. It is away from home and allows you to walk away at the end of the day. Giving you a separation of home life and work. 

A Spare Bedroom

Do you need a place for guests to stay when they visit? You can utilize the space that you have and build an additional bedroom in your garage. If you are having someone stay in that space, you are going to need heating and air, plumbing, and electricity. Those are just a few of the things you will have to consider when doing this. 

A Hangout For Your Kids

Do your kids need a space where they can relax, let loose, and have fun with friends? Turn your garage into a great space for them to do just that in. You can make it comfortable and full of entertainment for them. 

If your kids are younger, then you can make it a playroom. Their toys can stay in there keeping the mess out of the home. It is also out of sight of the company.

Even doing half of the space is still going to require you to have heating and air, plumbing, electricity, flooring, and more. It is a matter of how much the space will be used and what all will be needed when out there. 

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