Adding a beautiful deck is an exciting way to upgrade your outdoor space and overall home. With the proper deck lighting, your deck will not only look beautiful after the sun sets, but it will also allow you to enjoy your deck and entertain guest for several additional hours. Adding lighting to your deck design or while you are repairing your current deck isn’t a difficult task to do, but the overall difference in functionality and appearance can be dramatic.

The Benefits of Deck Lighting

  • Safety and Security

Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits for deck lighting is the enhanced safety and security it will provide yourself, your family and any guests. When entering your deck, going up the stairs or simply just moving around a deck filled with furniture after dark, the last thing you want to happen is an injury because it was difficult to see. In addition to the added safety, outdoor deck lighting can help prevent crime as burglars would be less likely to approach a house or deck that is well lit.

  • Added Aesthetics

Adding outdoor deck lighting will instantly improve the overall aesthetics while enhancing the ambiance of your entire backyard. Deck lighting is a wonderful and simple way to create the mood you want to set, whether that’s a romantic evening with your spouse or using deck lighting to make a party more festive. In addition, great deck lighting can add value to your home while enhancing its curb appeal.

  • Entertaining Guests

Outdoor decks and patios are the perfect spaces for entertaining guest throughout the warmer months. Adding lighting to your outdoor space not only enhancing the mood and energy of the structure but also makes your home appear more inviting. Incorporating different colored lights can add some dimension and fun to any gathering or event.

  • Day and Night Comfort

One of the most obvious benefits of deck lighting is the freedom it provides you and your family to enjoy your outdoor space no matter the time of day. Adding deck lighting is even more important during fall when days get shorter, assuming the weather is warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. The ability to utilize your deck more automatically adds value to the investment of deck lighting.

Adding Deck Lighting to Your Deck Design or Existing Outdoor Space 

It’s clear that adding deck lighting to your outdoor space has many benefits. If you are budgeting for a new deck or patio, be sure to include lighting in your plans as it will drastically improve the end results.

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Benefits of Investing in Deck Lighting