So you are thinking about redoing your bathroom. There are lots of details going into a project like this, from the design ideas to the project itself. Let’s try to help to understand the process you are about to go through;

1.Before even hiring a contractor it helps to have an idea of what type of bathroom you are trying to achieve. Of course, the contractor will be able to tell you if this is even possible, but let’s assume that it is. Where do you begin if you are not exactly sure? Some people like to use an interior designer who may give the homeowner “peace of mind” however, this comes with a price tag that may drive up the budget.

The Internet is a great tool to find photos of all types of bathrooms or maybe you have seen a beautiful bathroom at a friend’s home or even in a hotel. These can help you narrow down your design ideas for a contemporary, transitional or traditional bathroom. Although there are many options, by doing your research you will be ahead of the game and more prepared when the process begins.

2.Meeting the contractor with all of the decision makers involved at your home is the next step. There are lots of details that need to be decided and one of the first and biggest is who are you hiring to do this project. Make sure you are meeting with a licensed contractor and learn what are his/her ideas and does he/she have the experience? Ask to see photos that he/she can provide to you from previous bathrooms that were completed by the company.

3.Once you choose your contractor, be sure to get the dimensions in order to start buying the materials you will need. These include tiles for the walls and floor, vanities, sink, toilet, tub, lights etc. Sometimes this can be a bit overwhelming, especially if this is the first time and you are not using a designer to help. At HBK Constructions, we are happy to help by taking some time to go with the homeowner to pick out these materials, at no extra charge. Be sure to purchase quality products that will last a long time.

4.Once these purchases have been made the contractor will begin the process:

Plastic coverings will be laid to protect the floors (unless these are being removed) as well as openings such as air ducts and heating vents where dust can travel.

5.Demolition of the existing bathroom is the next part. All cabinets and drawers should be emptied as well as products that are in and around the tub and shower. The debris should be hauled away as soon as possible as not to be a hazard on the property due to lose nails, glass and other materials that are harmful to adults, children and pets.

6.After demolition, the next part of the process is framing and rough plumbing including copper pipes and drains being put in. Electrical wiring for outlets, running new switches and plugs, fans and recessed lights come quickly after that. Hot mopping for your shower floor and laying the tub will be next. These may take a few days until the process is completed and inspection has occurred.

7.Next up is the preparation of the walls for tile. This can be done a few ways; with cement or “wonder boards”, green boards (which make it waterproof and are more expensive) or the traditional way by using ” floating cement”. Again, this is a decision between you and your contractor. He/ she can discuss the possibility of putting a bench in the shower or a shampoo nook recessed into the wall in the bathtub and/or shower.

8.Patch, plaster and paint the walls with the recommended two coats of semi-gloss or satin finish paint. Finishing all plumbing parts installation, electrical finishes and exhaust fans.

9.Installing new shower doors, tub doors or sliding glass doors. Today the most popular are frameless which give a very clean look. Windows can also be upgraded using double pane vinyl, aluminum or wood. Sinks, vanities and toilets are last.

We hope this explains in detail the process of remodeling a bathroom. Please call HBK Constructions for any questions or for a free estimate.

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Bathroom Remodeling - What Exactly Does This Entail
Bathroom Remodeling – What Exactly Does This Entail