Archery Ascension

Archery Ascension

The archery sport is an art of combat like it has been since the beginning of bows. The first archery was invented. The goal is to build with archery and bow, beautiful characters. They believe that the traditional arts go beyond sports and have the power to change lives. If you’re interested in joining them on their journey check out their Introduction Course and more information about membership options.

They believe in building communities and networks both locally and internationally with those who share their goals. Through their media and membership they aim to build communities through activities.

“Archery Ascension Centre Incorporated” is a registered non-profit organization. They are associated to Traditional Archery Australia. They are determined to create an environment where people are actively involved in the five sanctified martial arts. These are Archery, Horsemanship, Swimming, Wrestling and Running.

A long-standing tradition suggests that the practice of these kinds of arts is directly connected to the healthy mind, body and spirit of a human being. They want to give the participant an experience that does not just exists as a pastime or pastime, but rather is a deeply personal journey.

The programs they offer are designed to serve the diverse population. They have a special passion in engaging their youth and children. “It’s easier to build strong children than fix broken men”.

Additionally, they have a diverse group of volunteers and staff with years of experience managing community programs, as well as providing training for leaders and therapeutic assistance.

The history of bows and saddle is without doubt forever interwoven with the human history. Even to this day, these combat sports and their interaction with their horse friends are influencing lives through activity, therapy or simply engaging with them. Like the bow that is drawn prior to the arrow can be released. they look back to see the way ahead.

In their core, their goal is to create an active community based on the timeless values of Futuwwa. A long-standing Arabic word that signifies a universal brotherhood and a feeling of obligation to each others. They are looking for partners who is a part of this ideal.

They’re mirrors of each the other. It is impossible for them to develop without the other. The team believes in healthy competition, and they dream to be part of and participate in events locally and internationally.


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