Has your home become too small since you purchased it? Have your needs and budget evolved since? Well, if you love where you live, but are just tight on space, adding a second storey might be the right way to remedy the situation. Your neighbourhood will remain the same and you won’t have to deal with having to move all your belongings into a new home.

Though, home extensions are major projects. To ensure the project’s success, it’s best to do business with the best qualified contractors. Find all you need to know for a successful storey addition below.

Why Add a Second Storey?

First and foremost, adding a second storey adds living space to your home. But, why not take the opportunity to give your home more of an imposing look?

Essentially, you want to live in a bigger home that fits our needs and wants, without moving out of our current place. When moving into a new home, we usually move into a new neighbourhood with new neighbours and don’t really know what to expect of them. Plus, moving into a new space might even be filled with hidden defects. Both risks not everyone is willing to take.

When you know and like your home, know your neighbourhood and neighbours well, and are hesitant about moving into a new space, adding a second storey is likely to be the best option for you. Doing so can easily turn your current home into your dream home.

Working with qualified contractors is sure to make the entire process pleasant.

The Advantages of Adding a Second Storey

  • Greatly increases your living space
  • Avoids taking up space on your land
  • Offers up the opportunity to completely change the look of your home, especially its siding, to reflect current trends
  • Increase your property’s value
  • Avoids the hassles of moving (changing your address, welcome taxes, school changes for the kids, commute change, etc.)
  • Liberty to pick out your new space’s layout.

Unless you find the ‘perfect’ home on the market, there are high chances that you’d still need to get renovations done in the new space. So why not just make your current home all it can be and avoid the inconvenience of moving?

Full or Partial Addition?

A single storey home, like a bungalow, can usually be converted into a two-storey home or cottage. If you plan on adding a room to an existing garage, or adding a garage with a room above it, the process is a little different.

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Adding a Second Storey All There Is To Know