The bathroom is where you prepare for the day, groom yourself, pamper and take care of yourself, and get ready for sleep. It’s where you maintain your looks, your confidence, and your health and hygiene. So, ultimately, it makes sense to keep everything you need to complete those tasks in the very place you’ll be using them. But, although your bathroom exists for good health, the environment and air quality in the bathroom could be working against you. Here are the things you should stop keeping in your bathroom.

Your Toothbrush

First and foremost, your toothbrush is a classic staple of the bathroom. Most people wouldn’t even consider moving their toothbrush away from that little cup that sits beside the faucet on the bathroom sink, but the moisture that is created so easily in the bathroom from the combination of the shower, sink, and a lack of airflow due to no windows creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Keep them in your bedroom where it’s dry.


Meds can lose their potency and effectiveness when not stored properly in a cool, dry place. Save the bathroom cabinet for your Q-Tips and your nail polish and move the medication to a safe, hidden place in your bedroom.


Unless you’re okay with your make-up changing colour or drying out and cracking, move it to a dry place in your home. Temperature changes in the bathroom will mess with your products.

Make-up Brushes and Sponges

Items like these absorb moisture and even collect mold. If brushing your teeth with a bacteria laced toothbrush is gross, so is brushing and sponging your skin with a moldy make-up brush or sponge.


Just like sponges and brushes absorb moisture and can turn moldy, so can your towels. It makes sense to keep your towels close by for when you bathe or shower but store them in your bedroom and bring one to the bath with you instead of letting them sit and collect humidity in the bathroom.


Your precious sliver and gold bracelets and necklaces can begin to change colour, tarnish, and even rust in the moisture and humidity of your bathroom. Do not keep these valuable items in the bathroom. Move them to a cool, dry place in the house.

Moving these items immediately to your bedroom starting tonight will ensure you are not accidentally ingesting or subjecting yourself to bad bacteria. It may be slightly more annoying to have to bring your toiletries to and from your bathroom during every visit, but in the long run, it’s worth your health and it’s way less gross when you consider the above factors.

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6 Things You Should Not Keep in Your Bathroom