Your kitchen is the heart of your home! It is where you and your family gather after a long day to reconnect and share a meal. Too often families are just getting fast food, ordering online, or eating out. Updating your kitchen can help inspire you and your family to enjoy your kitchen again, save money, and cook a healthier meal. 

There are so many simple ways to update your kitchen that can boost resale and the value of your home. Three ways to update include: 

  • Adding a new light fixture 
  • Creating storage for appliances
  • Painting your cabinets 

Hire A Company To Help With Renovations

Before starting your remodeling you need to get help! HBK Constructions is the perfect company to hire if you are in Melbourne, VIC. They can help bring your visions to a reality for an affordable price.

Hiring them will help save you money and prevent you or loved ones from harming yourself trying to remodel it yourself. They are professionals and know what they are doing! They can help you get the job done right and prevent damage done to your property. 

Change The Lighting 

The lighting in your kitchen sets the overall mood. In the center of the kitchen, you are supposed to have general or ambient lighting. Lighting is so important in the kitchen to provide the proper light to keep your kitchen clean, to make sure you are as safe as possible, and can see what you are doing. So many accidents occur in the kitchen and good lighting can help prevent them!

Ideas to update your kitchen lighting:

  • Add hanging lights or pendants above your island.
  • Add under-cabinet lighting like LED strips lights or puck lights. 
  • Add ceiling lights that can have a dimmer setting installed to make bright or dim
  • Add recessed lights in open shelves or glass cabinets.
  • Add over cabinet lights to accent architecture and design.
  • Add toekick lights to illuminate pathways.

Add More Storage Space

Lack of storage space in the kitchen is very common. Kitchen countertops are cluttered with your appliances everywhere. Your air fryer, blender, slow cooker, utensils, and cups all need their own place in your kitchen. The energy in your kitchen will flow better when there is more space and less chaos. To add more space there are a number of different things you can do.

Ways to add more space: 

  • Add more cabinets near the floor and high up above your refrigerator or stove. 
  • Add sliding drawers below cabinets.
  • Build a walk-in pantry or a small closet pantry.
  • Add an island and add cabinets to the front and back of the island. 
  • Build in custom inserts to cabinets.
  • Add cabinets on top of other cabinets if there is enough height. 

Get Your Cabinets Repainted

Repainting your kitchen paint is an excellent way to update your kitchen. It is a much cheaper option than replacing your cabinet. There is a lot to paint, so hire someone to help. Hiring a professional like HBK Constructions can help with painting and help you choose the best hardware.

There are so many different colors and designs to choose that can transform your entire kitchen. Repainting can help boost your home’s value by a lot. It is not as costly as one would think.

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