Shingle Inn Fountain Gate

Shingle Inn Fountain Gate

It was established in the midst the Great Depression, Shingle Inn is much more than an establishment It’s an intriguing aspect of Australia’s, and specifically, Brisbane’s local history, with an original tale to tell.

In the autumn of 1936, David Webster and Sons built the first Shingle Inn on Edward Street in Brisbane as part of their extensive chain of cafes. They had the intention of Shingle Inn to be an elegant English style restaurant and tearoom that would be known for its high-end products and distinctive sense of the style. Shingle Inn quickly developed an impressive reputation with locals and soon was soon a crowded landmark with lines to purchase the famous cakes frequently running out the entrance and out to the corner. In the 1970s Shingle Inn was facing being abandoned, but in the year 1975, the Bellchambers family that still run Shingle Inn, took ownership.

In the years following on a cold winter’s evening on Edward Street, Brisbane on August 3, 2002, Shingle Inn closed its doors to the city that had shown it affection and loyalty from the very first day of business in 1936. for the final time.

The family of Bellchambers had been forced to close their restaurant because of the redevelopment. City of Brisbane was devastated and the decision was taken to keep the magnificent inside in storage until the loved restaurant could reopen and ensured that every aspect of the design was documented and documented at the time it was time to restore the pieces.

On June 4, 2010, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed to transfer the original fit-out of the store to the residents of Brisbane and to be restored in another Brisbane landmark, City Hall, allowing future generations to enjoy the magnificence that is Shingle Inn.


Original elements from the salvaged Shingle Inn, which is featured in Brisbane City Hall include:

  • Booth tables and chairs
  • Wall paneling made of timber
  • Shingle cladding and windows with leadlight This is how is where the Shingle Inn got its name from!
  • It is a mock Tudor timberwork includes decorative timber ceiling beams, as well as half timbering for walls.
  • Refurbished ceiling and wall fixtures for lighting


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