Roll’d Fountain Gate

Roll'd Fountain Gate

It all started by (their founding) Bao’s insatiable craving for his mom’s rice rolls made of paper. They’ve been cooking Vietnamese food for a long time. Similar to what her mother made. Her mum too. And hers. And hers.

At the age of 18, Bao was always hungry – but never for food. To share Mama Hoang’s cherished methods, her family’s heritage recipes that have been tested and refined over the years. To provide the same crust-crunching noodles, sauce-squeezing, noodle-slurping flavor-squeezing, lip-smacking delight to Australians who are hungry for adventures. In 2012, this is exactly what they’ve been doing.

However, even after more than 100 stores opening, they’re part of the same group. They believe in the power of crowding 12 people around the table intended to seat six. They’re meant for elbows at the table. Sauce on the on the chin. Back for seconds and thirds, then fourths. Even fifths. Fresh, fast Vietnamese meals is exactly what they offer. However, family – both yours and theirs – is the reason they serve.

To speed up the delivery of fresh, fast Vietnamese throughout Australia, Bao enlisted two co-founders. One of them was Ray Esquieries. A former friend from school of Bao’s Ray was a part of the crowds of the corporate world. And he had the attire to demonstrate that. After speaking about Bao, Ray swapped banks for Bun. Then he became their Operations expert.

Tin Ly was the next. Growing up in the counter at the bakery of his parents’ Vietnamese baker, Tin was backed by an extensive experience in hospitality. However, he also brought a new unique product to the table which was his Banh Mi, Ly-family style. It’s still among the most popular items they sell today.

Three co-founders who were inspired by a common goal. A group that made the decision to go for it. It worked. The day that the store opened the first Roll’d store Mama Hoang’s famous rice paper rolls were sold out. In just 90 minutes.

Everything they create is made by love. It’s not commercial love. Genuine love. A kind of family love. Love that goes beyond generations. A love for people, for food, for heritage.

They carry the honed skills of their culture, perfected over time – each time they play in a Soldier. You can also make the Banh Mi. or make a Pho. Their past has shaped their present. It is also what guides their future.


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