RACV Fountain Gate Store

RACV Fountain Gate Store

RACV boasts more than 2 million members and it, as a mutual it operates in a different manner from shareholder-based businesses.

You are a RACV Member after you buy one of their products, such like RACV Assistance in the event of an emergency Roadside Assistance, an RACV insurance policy, or any other RACV product. Membership allows you to enjoy discounts throughout RACV and also through partners. The programs have yielded the sum of $185m in savings for Members. The RACV also sends its Award-winning member publication, RoyalAuto, 6 times each year, as well as a variety of digital companions.

RACV is active in the fields of motoring and transport and leisure, the home, and travel, as well as retail. They provide services and products like emergency roadside assistance or home help, financial and insurance resorts, services for leisure and travel such as home security, drive schools and inspections of vehicles. In their mutual structure the value of the organization is returned to members through discounts and benefits associated with these products and services and much more.

They employ about 3,000 people in the areas of hospitality insurance, breakdown services, insurance and finance solar, travel, and much more. They provide a lively flexible, inclusive and flexible working environment that allows you to keep growing and take advantage of opportunities for professional growth both externally as well as on-the-job. If you join them, they will help you develop your abilities, create extraordinary Member experiences, and positively change the lives of a lot of people.

The goals of RACV are to offer valuable benefits to its members and their communities by educating about and providing advice, promoting the interests of members and offering assistance in times of need. This is done by providing top-quality products and services in the areas of mobility, motoring and leisure, security, social wellbeing, and home. home. As the largest membership organization of its kind in Victoria, RACV takes a leadership role in the pursuit of the well-being of the entire community. They offer donations through the RACV Community Foundation, and they manage a Community Partners program across many sectors that are part of Victorian life. They also host community events such like events like the RACV Energy Breakthrough as well as the RACV Australia Day Festival, and transport Veterans during ANZAC Day.


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