Mary MacKillop Primary School

Mary MacKillop Primary School

In Mary MacKillop primary school, students provide students-centered learning that creates safe, welcoming and nurturing learning environments which foster a love of learning, a sense of belonging and respect for one another. The staff members provide students with meaningful, relevant, and challenging and varied learning experiences. They are motivated by their desire to offer rich learning opportunities that meet the needs of their students’ academics. They encourage their students to collaborate with others, listen attentively in inquiry, ask questions and think and be a living example, in their actions and words their Mary MacKillop school’s values of the respect of others, accountability and courage, as well as kindness as well as problem-solving. The school was established in 1995, in the same year St Mary of the Cross MacKillop was beatified. They are among three schools within the Parish of Our Lady Help of Christians, Narre Warren. The school’s community welcomes and celebrates 40 diverse nationalities.

In Mary MacKillop primary school,, they believe that the mental, social moral, spiritual and physical health of their students is vital for student safety, health as well as their learning and achievement. The school is therefore dedicated to:

  • Giving their students the highest quality education that they can and allowing each student achieve their potential to the fullest extent;
  • Offering the most conducive academic environment that is possible. In order to do this, they help the learning of each student and make sure that all students can be educated in a safe environment free of harassment, bullying and excessive distractions;
  • Care for the emotional and spiritual requirements. To accomplish this, they are provided with an established framework for pastoral care and offer assistance like education about the resilience of mental and physical health
  • In allowing each student to excel in the areas of their passion. In order to do this, they must accommodate the interests of each student and allow them to manage their extracurricular and curricular activities and encouraging students to pursue their passions;
  • Instilling leadership in all their students. To do this, they provide programs and activities that encourage students to be leaders in their class; and
  • Insuring that each student has an active and healthy lifestyle. In order to do this, they offer education about a healthy lifestyle as well as encourage sports and other activities for recreation.

Their philosophy is expressed by their teaching methods and their care of students. Their beliefs guide the way they teach, their strategic plans and management decisions.

Mary MacKillop Primary School began in 1995, which was the same year in which St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop was beatified. They are among three schools within the Parish of Our Lady Help of Christians, Narre Warren. They have House Teams. Colors and Buildings are named to honor individuals who have contributed significantly to the history and life of their school.


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