Macpac Fountain Gate

Macpac Fountain Gate

From the garage of their family its founder Bruce McIntyre, to an international brand of adventure Their story has been one of invention and ingenuity. Macpac products are developed and tested in the most prestigious outdoor test lab in New Zealand. Bruce wanted to create the best quality equipment that could take you to wherever you want and back.

This guiding principle has grown into a range of clothing and equipment that can be used in any environment or climate. Their products cater to campers, mountain climbers hikers (or trampers according to their name from New Zealand) and more generally, everyone who enjoys adventures and traveling. In terms of what their products are used for, that’s only the beginning of the of the iceberg.

The Macpac team is based in Christchurch which is located in New Zealand’s South Island, and they have been in this part of the woods from the very beginning. Their headquarters is where the idea for each Macpac product is developed prior to their skilled manufacturing collaborators bring their visions for design to come to.

They’re ferocious in their conviction that life is more enjoyable when you’re out in nature. Their products are designed to be vehicles for adventure. Through the development of equipment that is designed, precise, and durable They’ll provide you with the equipment to enjoy the outdoors.


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