Kalora Park Oval Fenced Dog Park

Kalora Park Oval Fenced Dog Park

Kalora Park has a fenced dog park. It also features a playground, oval, netball courts, and Soldier Settler Memorial Gardens. The dog park is accessible from McKenzie Lane.
Two areas have wire mesh fences that measure 45m x30m. Each area is equipped with a gate, bin, and water containers. The northern fenced area can be used by larger dogs. While the southern fenced area can be used for smaller dogs, the northern one is for bigger dogs. The northern area has a water tap, unshaded tables and chairs as well as a pavilion for Berwick Obedience Dog Club.

These areas were built and funded by the Berwick Obedience Dog Club to be used by club members and the residents of the City. These are the rules for off-leash areas:

You should not enter while the flag is being displayed.

Dog owners who use this area are responsible to their dogs for any injuries or damage they cause.

Before entering, always consult others who have used the area.

If others are waiting, only stay for 5 minutes.

Take care of your dog.

You must immediately remove any dog that displays aggressive behavior towards other dogs or people.

Maximum 8 dogs at a time.

The Berwick Obedience Dog Club is located in the reserve. Club hours are from 11:30am to 4:30pm. You can also let your dog run free in the grassy areas surrounding the enclosures. Troups Creek is on the southern border. The south east boundary contains paddocks for horses and alpacas.

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