Guess Fountain Gate Westfield

Guess Fountain Gate Westfield

GUESS was created around 1981, by the Marciano brothers who left south of France to pursue an American dream. Inspired by European influence the Marcianos changed the way denim was made. One of their early models was the stonewashed slim-fitting jean called the 3-zip Marilyn. Bloomingdale’s is the very first department shop to introduce the brand with a purchase of more than two dozen jeans. The jeans disappeared from the store within two hours. This was just the beginning of a successful story.

GuESS quickly became a symbol for an attractive, young and exciting lifestyle. Over the years GUESS encouraged people to imagine by introducing iconic and timeless advertisements that transformed undiscovered faces into well-known models. Since 2004, the brand increased its offerings with a new concept of retail for its new collection, Marciano. The Marciano brand is a fashionable collection for fashion-conscious both men and women. In 2007 G by GUESS was born. G by GUESS brand came into existence and gained the Southern California aesthetic from the Marciano brothers’ passion for the vibrant, California lifestyle they so loved when they first moved to America.

Today GUESS is truly a global brand offering an extensive range of denim clothes, accessories, and apparel in more than 80 countries around the globe.

About GUESS Sustainability

Their first sustainability plan was released in the year 2017 and since then , they’ve seen rapid progress toward positive outcomes on the World and Brand.


  • 25 percent of GUESS denims to be in line with GUESS Eco guidelines
  • 15 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and Science-Based Targets are pending
  • Expanding the Council for Diversity and Inclusion globally
  • Third-party verification of sustainability reports


In line with their dedication to sustainable material source, they are pleased of announcing that they are a part of to the CanopyStyle initiative to help preserve the forests of the past and to save them from extinction.

Greening Their Operations

At GUESS they strive to reduce their environmental impact. They aim to establish a culture of caring across the company.

  • They’ve cut their greenhouse emissions by 10 percent each square foot.
  • Their retrofit of LED lights led to over 25 percent energy savings.
  • In their headquarters at Los Angeles, they provide electric vehicle charging stations for free charge to their associates. They also offer incentives for rideshare and have established a recycling program that has led to a decrease of garbage sent to landfill by two-thirds.


The group believes that taking a cooperative approach to solving social systemic issues within the industry can yield more viable solutions. Partnering with suppliers to ensure that international standards for the protection of human rights and the rights of workers are respected, GUESS coordinates oversight and remediation efforts. They have created a supplier training program and a worker empowerment.


GUESS is pleased to be a partner to The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) An organization that assists farmers who grow cotton in helping them utilize water effectively and take ensure the protection of the environment and also to promote higher standards of working during the process of producing cotton.


In collaboration together with Planet Water Foundation, they have funded the Aqua Tower system that provides water that is clean at the primary education center within Juncos, Puerto Rico, and they also sponsored a clean-water source in India through the charity Charity: Water. They also hold an annual beach clean-up event in conjunction with Heal the Bay in California.


They’re teaching students as well as GUESS associates in their annual sustainability class held at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. The class is offered at no cost for selected participants and will cover subjects like the future of materials that are zero waste, design for zero waste and Denim’s latest innovations.


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