Grill’d Fountain Gate

Grill'd Fountain Gate

Burgers aren’t identical to fast food. They’re not an alternative. They’re the answer. Healthy, guilt-free burgers that you don’t require a hangover to enjoy. This has been their goal on their mission, their love and their distinctive point from the beginning.

Their Burgers are 100 percent Natural They are made using ZERO artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives.

They utilize the freshest ingredients from local suppliers and select Australian first.

They keep their ingredients in front, and they have information on their breakdown.

Each burger is created according to the specifications you make your purchase and never prior to.

Since the beginning, they’ve taken the path, turning this belief into a daily routine. It’s the way they did it in the past and they continue to follow in the present, the Grill’d way.

In 2004, they inaugurated the first of their restaurants located in Hawthorn, VIC. Healthy Burgers (including vegetarian options for their vegetarian customers) are available now.

In 2010, the purchase of grass-fed lamb and beef was always their main goal In 2010, they were able to achieve the entirety of their meat supply.

In 2011, they’ve used cage-free eggs from the beginning. However, in 2011 their colleagues at RSPCA presented them with their Good Egg Award – just to declare it official.

In 2014, the Low Carb SuperBun lands on their menu, and the carb-counting community rejoiced.

In 2019, they made a meat-free day for a whole day to introduce their entire range of plant-based products You may have heard about it.

In 2020, their burgers are 100 percent Natural and contain no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Absolutely nothing fake and absolutely none of the BS is their norm.

They are accountable for their actions and are always seeking innovative ways to improve their performance for the planet.

They’ve already put their plans into action by recycling cooking oil, removing straws made from plastic, and transforming their restaurants with recycled surfaces. This is just the beginning.

Serving healthy, delicious and delicious Burgers isn’t a one-man task. It requires a lot of good ingredients and a lot of passion from suppliers to get the Grill’d-only flavour they’re famous for.

In terms of the ingredients they use, they’ve traveled across the country to discover the best of the best. From Echuca-grown tomatoesto beetroot grown at Bundaberg as well as cos lettuce that is grown in Maffra Their suppliers have a variety of offerings and geographical location, yet all enthusiastic about their product. To make a great burger you need to be obsessing over the specifics. They are healthy-conscious about their burgers.


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