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Dumplings Plus is a family friendly Chinese Fusion restaurant chain that operates across a variety of metropolitan and shopping centers around Melbourne. There are restaurants within Melbourne CBD, Chadstone, Highpoint, Fountain Gate, Eastland, Northland and Epping the goal of the company is to serve their patrons with authentic Chinese as well as modern Asian food.

The origins of the dumplings are from China and spanning over 2000 years of history, handmade noodles, buns steamed, and dumplings (made using the flour of wheat) are a symbol of Chinese tradition. Dumplings Plus offer an opportunity to experience the flavor of traditional Chinese food.

The noodles, steamed buns, and dumplings are served with fresh fish, fresh meat or other vegetables. They are delicious, tasty and nutritious. Dumplings Plus put a strong emphasis on the correct mix using fresh, natural ingredients.

Dumplings Plus have a number of eateries all over Melbourne. They are located in a variety of Melbourne’s top shopping centers starting from Highpoint through Fountain Gate, Dumplings Plus provide the chance to indulge into the flavors of traditional Chinese dishes while shopping in Melbourne.


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